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Private Investigators in Botswana, Lawyers in Botswana

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Private Investigators in Botswana, Lawyers in Botswana, and Forensic Experts in Botswana.

Welcome to ISOG, a Professional Private Investigation Agency, Legal Firm and Forensic Lab providing comprehensive investigative, intelligence, legal and forensic services to their International clients like UN Agencies, European Local Governments, Banks and Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Fraud Examiners, Corporate Audit Departments, Internal Corporate Investigators, International Process Servers, International Private Investigators, Corporations, Exporters, Insurance Companies, and other private individuals all over world. We are professional private investigators, private detectives, lawyers and forensic experts handling investigations all over Botswana and other parts of world.

Private Investigators in Botswana, Lawyers in Botswana, and Forensic Experts in Botswana specialize in the following services.

Legal Services:
Asset Protection Planning, Offshore Anonymous Companies of Liberia, Offshore Anonymous Companies of Panama, Offshore Companies of Anguilla, Offshore Companies of Bahamas, Offshore Companies of Belize, Offshore Companies of BVI, Offshore Companies of Cayman, Offshore Companies of Delaware, Offshore Companies of Hong Kong, Offshore Companies of Nevis, Offshore Companies of Panama, Offshore Companies of Seychelles, Offshore Bank Accounts, Foreign Companies, Private Interest Foundations, Trusts, Intellectual Property, Ship Registration, Second Legal Passport, Divorce Cases Consulting, International Divorce, Litigations

Background Check & Locate:
Background Check, Bank Account Searches, Internet Friend Identification, Locating Missing Persons or Hiding Persons, Phone Number Unmasking, (Reverse) Phone Number Lookup

Corporate Investigations:
Pre-employment Screening, Employee Investigations, Due Diligence for Banks and Law Firms, Theft Investigations, Business Intelligence, Unfair Competition, Product Counterfeit, Counter Espionage, Insurance Claims

Matrimonial Investigations:
Pre-matrimonial Check, Infidelity Check, Drug Abuse, Child Abuse and Custody

Criminal Investigations:
International Frauds, Identity Theft, Kidnapping, Homicide Cases, Drug Trafficking, Extortion and Threats, Armed Robbery, Stalking, Locating Witnesses, Search of Evidence and Alibi Check

Forensic Services:
Voice Analysis Technology Test, Polygraph Tests, Forensic Science Lab

Intelligence Operations:
Covert Investigations, Counter Surveillance, Computer Monitoring, Electronic Debugging

Private Investigators in Botswana, Lawyers in Botswana, and Forensic Experts in Botswana handle all assignments professionally. Our local staff possesses the necessary qualifications, licenses and permits, wherever required and they fulfill the necessary compliances and render the on-ground private investigation, intelligence, legal and forensic services in Botswana. Our each regional team all over the world has the strength and back-up of an established team of accredited professionals to support any specialized requirements needed during the handling of the case.

ISOG is committed to provide innovative and effective risk management solutions to its clients and provide excellent private investigation, intelligence, legal and forensic services in all parts of this country. Each business enquiry is dealt with a discreet, sensitive and understanding manner.

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