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Employee Investigations To Protect Your Business

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Employee Investigations To Protect Your Business With the Help of ISOG Private Investigator and Private Detective.

Whenever you want to get evidence of your employee’s wrong-doing, ISOG private investigators and private detectives can investigate the case and provide you with the facts that would help prosecute your employee.

Often employees take advantage of their job position to achieve personal enrichment by jeopardizing your business. The situations are the most diverse.

Employees might for example sell internal commercial information on a bid to a direct competitor in change of money or a promise of a better job. They might sell financial information to stock brokers who would then trade your stock at their advantage. They might themselves start up a new company that would be competing with yours. In other cases they might pretend to be sick but instead of staying home they would be working another job.

Many companies, especially international organizations and multinational companies, in addition to codes of ethics and conduct, have found it necessary to create investigation guidelines to assist employees from internal audit, security and human resources departments, in conducting employee investigations.

In fact, consistent principles and procedures must be followed whenever allegations of misconduct are investigated. An effective corporate investigation process protects the interests of the company by preventing and detecting misconduct and violations and ensuring that corporate activities comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Employee investigations are conducted when there is credible information there may have been significant misconduct.

An investigation in the first place, has to determine, fully and credibly, what happened with respect to a particular incident: if the suspected conduct did take place; what the circumstances were; who was involved; if a violation of law or corporate policies occurred.

Employee investigations must be independent, complete and professional. ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in employee investigations.

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