Corporate Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Services

Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

We provide clients with top intelligence and counter-intelligence services aimed at protecting their business.

The situations when you may need us are many. You may need to verify whether you are under surveillance because someone wants to kidnap you; you want to have corporate board meetings are electronic bug free; or you want to investigate employees by monitoring their conversations with competitors.

Cases are all different and unique. We work with you to solve your critical business issues.

Analyze Your Case

The first thing to do is to look into your case and identify the critical aspects that need investigating.
You may have been targeted by organize crime which wants to kidnap you; or you find out that competitors are listening to your board meeting discussions; or you think an employee is passing data over to a competitor; or you need to infiltrate an agent in your company.

Intel Collection Plan

ISOG has developed a process to help you monitor what is happening around you, whether at work or in public areas. The process is based on two steps.
STEP 1: We conduct an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your case, identify the threats and select the services you need.
STEP 2: We design a tailored special operation plan to neutralize all the threats you may face.

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Corporate Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Services

Specialized Intelligence Services

We offer our clients very specialized services aimed at making sure that they keep their businesses prosper

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Intelligence Services

ISOG is the most experienced Private Investigative Agency in critical operations.

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