Locating Witnesses of Crime for the Criminal Defense


Locating Witnesses of Crime for the Criminal Defense Attorneys at Law.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives can trace witnesses not identified by the prosecutors during the investigation. The credibility of the witness is analyzed with the lawyers responsible for the case, before the witness is taken into the court.

Very often people happen to see a crime in the act of committing it. They are the witnesses but never interviewed by the authorities.

There are several reasons why you wish to find, identify and locate a witness. Locating witnesses is therefore a fundamental activity in the preparation of a case. In the simplest situation, you someone hit your car and you claim you are right. Maybe you do not know the insurance of the other person’s car or you do not even know the other person since he run soon after the accident.

In other instances, a more serious offence has occurred, should it be a robbery, stalking, a homicide, an extortion, a kidnapping, or any other crime.

It is the duty of lawyers and attorneys at law to ensure they know the prosecutor’s evidence and witnesses that will be presented against their clients in court. On the other end, they themselves have to collect and present all possible evidence and witnesses in favor of their clients. The better prepared the lawyers and attorneys at law are, the more chances of a favorable outcome they will have.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are experts in locating witnesses of a crime, when they are either unknown to the prosecutors or police authorities or are trying to avoid becoming involved in the case. At ISOG we are skilled in locating witnesses and taking their statements. In some jurisdictions, it is possible to file such statements as they are in the prosecutors’ files. In other jurisdictions, this is not possible and we work with notaries public in order to prepare affidavits and statements that can be filed.