Private Investigator, Private Detective and Lawyer

The Private Investigator, Private Detective and Lawyer that solve your case.

ISOG is an international group made up of a Private Investigative Agency in Miami Florida (USA), a Private Investigative Agency and a Law Firm in Panama (Panama) that provide investigative and risk management services, executive protection services, legal advice and legal assistance, and forensic services to our clients worldwide.

We distinguish ourselves for being able to conduct investigations and deliver legal services in more than 120 countries, through our direct agents and a network of professional partners.

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Field Of Practice

The private investigator, private detective and lawyer at your service.
We provide our clients with investigative services, legal advice and assistance, forensic science services and risk management services worldwide.

Legal Protection

We help our clients protect their wealth from any possible threats, through different offshore instruments, such as offshore companies, assets and international divorce solutions.

Criminal Investigations

We conduct financial fraud, identity theft, homicide, kidnapping, extortion and stalking investigations. We also find new evidence and locate witnesses for criminal defense attorneys.


We check whether a contract is forged; the signature of a document is fake. We also check whether a witness or an employee is lying. Moreover, we check the evidence on the behalf of attorneys.

Background Check

We provide our clients with all the necessary services to conduct an in-depth due diligence on individuals and corporations. We can find offshore assets and the identity of individuals.

Matrimonial Investigations

We investigate child abuse and drug abuse case to help parents secure child custody. We also conduct infidelity check and do matrimonial checks before the date of the wedding.

Fraud Alert Helpline

We offer an online fraud alert, scam alert and warning verification service that will help you wire money with no problem. If you do not do that, then the cost of recovering your money will be higher.

Corporate Investigations

We do business intelligence and counter intelligence investigations, due diligence, assets verification, internal investigations, unfair competition and counterfait investigations.

Intelligence Operations

We do surveillance and counter-surveillance, conduct covert investigations operations. We also do open source intelligence and polygraph testing and voice analysis.

Cryptocurrency Investigations

We analyze the crypto addresses, wallets, transactions, and entities; and explore transactional relationships. We then create graphical visualization of transactions to follow the crypto flows.

Why Choose Our Private Investigators, Private Detectives and Lawyers

Our private investigators and lawyers excel in everything they do and they never give up


We provide an integrated solution to our clients. We are both private investigators and attorneys at law. For this reason, we can approach a case from different angles and solve it.


We distinguish ourselves for being able to conduct investigations and deliver legal services in more than 120 countries, through our direct agents and a network of professional partners.

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#1 PI Agency

Our private investigators put their professionalism in solving all the case we take on. Our clients value our entusiasm and determination.

# 1 Law Firm

Our lawyers are part of multidisciplinary teams that can solve complex cases that require knowledge of different branches of law.


Our clients value how we treat their cases with confidentiality and discretion. We take care of our clients' privacy.

Some Of Our Clients

International Organizations, Local Governments and Large Corporations chose ISOG to conduct international investigations on their behalf.