Cryptocurrency Investigations And Cryptocurrency Forensics

Cryptocurrency Investigations And Cryptocurrency Forensics

We provide clients with cryptocurrency investigations and cryptocurrency forensics aimed at helping the recover their cryptocurrencies or avoiding being victim of criminal organizations.

Cryptocurrency is changing the way financial transactions take place.

The traditional financial system is ultimately controlled by the banking system and the national governments.

The invention of the first cryptocurrency has been the first attempt to democratize the financial system by replacing the centralized system with a decentralized one, where no single operator, actor or entity could have the ultimate control on it.

This is what banks and governments do not like and are trying to put some order in this anarchic albeit democratic system.

Nowadays, many cryptocurrencies have been created and some aim to obfuscate transactions to achieve anonymity.

Although the original objective of cryptocurrency may have been good, abuse and criminal activities have flourished by its use. Money laundering, terrorism, fraud, extortionist, child pornography, arm and drug trafficking activities make use of cryptocurrency to protect anonymity.

We use the best available technology to follow the flows of cryptocurrencies through wallets and the blockchain. We can therefore investigate all activities which make use of cryptocurrencies, including fraud, extorsion, ransomware, money laundering among others.

Analyze Your Case

The first thing to do is to look into your case and identify the critical evidence that you need to file as victim of a cryptocurrency crime.
You may need to have evidence of which wallet your cryptos have ultimately received them. Or you may need to do a due diligence of a specific address or wallet in order to see if it is being used by criminal organizations thus avoiding being victim of a crime. Once we analyze your case we can prepare an investigation plan.

Crypto Investigation Plan

ISOG has developed a path to recover your cryptocurrencies which is based on three steps.

STEP 1: We analyze the crypto addresses, wallets, transactions, and entities; and explore transactional relationships.
STEP 2: We create detailed graphical visualization of wallets and transactions in order to better follow the flows of cryptocurrencies.
STEP 3: By subpoenas and help of law enforcement we get the names of the criminals.

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Cryptocurrency Investigations And Cryptocurrency Forensics

Specialized Cryptocurrency Investigations

We offer our clients very specialized services aimed at making sure that get the evidence to defend their rights

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ISOG is the most experienced Private Investigative Agency and Law Firm specialized in international financial fraud investigations. Our president Paolo Bourelly has contributed to the writing of this book with Chapter 21 on online Frauds and Scams.