Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations


Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations.

Surveillance is a tool used to gather intelligence in a variety of operations and ISOG private investigators and private detectives excel in the use of such tool.

Most surveillance and counter surveillance operations involve the use of human resources as well as electronic equipment. We place a great emphasis on the use of private investigators and private detectives as opposed to the use of electronic equipment since people are more capable of reacting creatively to surveillance situations.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives can put surveillance on specific individuals target of the investigation. At the same time, when clients think of being themselves under surveillance, they can turn to ISOG in order to identify the agents who are keeping surveillance on them and learn counter and anti surveillance techniques.

For example, if you want to investigate the behavior of your spouse and check whether he is making use of drugs, or if you need to evaluate the moral conduct of a witness, or if you want to make sure your target is home before processing a court order, you will need to conduct a surveillance operation.

At the same time, criminals make use of surveillance to gather intelligence on a VIP they want to kidnap or a bank they want to rob, and terrorists place surveillance on their target during the planning of the attack. ISOG private investigators and private detectives can use counter surveillance techniques in order to protect you.

Human counter measures include:

  • Avoiding risky locations, being discreet or circumspect, using code words
  • Looking over your shoulder
  • Leaving the area without being seen or followed, e.g. getting ‘lost in the crowd’ so that followers lose contact
  • Hiding in secure locations
  • Concealing your identity

Such activities make it harder to track surveillance subjects. Following steady, easy-to-predict schedules before employing aforementioned countermeasures may make the surveillance detail complacent and thus easier to lose. If you suspect your followers are working for a foreign government, avoid known residences of associates and family. Electronic surveillance, such as telephone and network tracking, often accompanies physical tracking, so discard cellular phones, bank cards, identity cards and other portable computer devices as untrustworthy, and avoid contact by all conventional means (telephone, email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc…