Scam Alert and Warning Lists

Scam Alert and Warning Lists - Path To Recover Your Money

Scam alert and warning lists are a compilation of scammer alert websites, business names, companies, banks or individuals who do not comply with the financial regulations of the countries where they promote their services.

Most of the entities included in these lists are financial scams, meaning they are fake companies, brokers or banks. You should know if the alleged broker or bank you are sending money to is a legit business.

We offer an online fraud alert, scam alert and warning verification service that will help you wire money with no problem. If you do not do that, then the cost of recovering your money will be higher.

When you have already wire money to a scammer, we can walk you through a whole process we have designed to recover your money.

ISOG Money Recovery Process is made up of the following steps.

Search The Scam Alert

The first thing to do is to check if the alleged broker that is offering you an investment is included in one of the Scam Alert and Warning lists defined by Financial Commision Authorities of various countries.

Learn About ISOG Process

ISOG has diveloped a path to recover your money which is based on two steps.

STEP 1: We conduct an in-depth investigation of all aspects of the fraud and prepare a Full Fraud Report.
STEP 2: We provide the support to start the legal proceedings in the countries involved in the case, on the basis of the Fraud Report prepared.

Contact ISOG Helpline

Call us as soon as you have a doubt about the financial broker or bank. Do not waiste time. Do it now.

We Have The Knowledge And The Experience

Internet Financial Frauds

ISOG is the most experienced Private Investigative Agency and Law Firm specialized in international financial fraud investigations. Our president Paolo Bourelly has contributed to the writing of this book with Chapter 21 on online Frauds and Scams.