Product Counterfeit Investigations To Protect Brands


Product Counterfeit Investigations To Protect Brands.

If your company is victim of product counterfeiting, ISOG private investigators, private detectives and forensic experts are expert in product counterfeit investigations and thus can investigate the case internationally to get up to the manufacturing points and work with the proper law enforcement authorities to prosecute the criminal organizations.

Product counterfeiting has become a huge business. Today it is a biggest revenue stream of several international mafia organizations.

Product counterfeiters have become really sophisticated both in the manufacturing of the products and in their sale operations.

The quality of counterfeit products has improved a lot in the last period. Many of them have reached such a level of manufacturing quality that very often the same companies have asked them to work for them and start producing their products legally.

Any product, especially the most known brands and labels, is being counterfeited, from purses, shoes, jeans, auto spare parts, watches, DVDs, and software. Even Ferrari cars have been counterfeited and they look like the real ones. When it comes to operations, Internet has provided them with a fantastic tool for exponentially boost sales worldwide. You can see that many websites especially located in Southeast Asian countries, offer products by using photos of the real products but actually delivering fake ones.

Companies have been using different strategies in their fight to product counterfeiting. They include conducting controlled purchases; trying to hire the counterfeiter; seizing the factories, identifying the web domains registered by counterfeiters; taking legal actions against counterfeiters.

Labels and brands are being damaged by this illegal practice in many emerging markets as well in the developed ones.

More than often governments in third world countries do not do anything or too little to fight product counterfeiting thus allowing mafia organizations prosper at the shadow of well established brands.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in product counterfeit investigations.