OSINT Open Source Intelligence


OSINT Open Source Intelligence.

OSINT, Open Source Intelligence, is the research, collection, analysis and reporting of all public information available on a specific target. Nowadays, we can find any kind of information on the Internet which can be really useful in many types of investigations. This information can help locate a missing person, find out the identity of a stalker, trap a murderer, evaluate a potential candidate for a job position and investigate an online scam or financial fraud.

OSINT started in 1941 by the United States military and, after many years of development, ended with the creation of the Open Source Enterprise, which is the OSINT Center that reunited the expertise of several US Agencies, including the CIA.

At ISOG we are expert in OSINT Open Source Intelligence. We have implemented a robust OSINT machine which we use in many investigations. Very often an investigation can be solved just by getting information through ISOG OSINT machine. It is important to notice that most of the researches done by ISOG OSINT machine are automated; there are of course many researched done manually by using techniques that are not available to the general public.

Our OSINT machine is capable of retrieving information from the following OSINT sources:

Search Engines: The very first step and anyone would do in any research of online information is using the available search engines. Google is the most used search engine. However there are many others available which can provide a lot of information in non-speaking English countries and in the dark web.

Social Networks and Online Communities: Everybody likes to keep connected with relatives, friends or professionals by the use of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. Online communities which can be very useful to search information include eBay, dating sites, erotic sites and escort review sites.

Usernames and People Searches Engines: When people register on a social network they get a username. Our OSINT machine makes thousands of researches by username and is also capable of finding out the presence of our investigation target on almost all social networks in all countries.

Telephone Numbers: ISOG OSINT machine is able to find out if a number is real, where it was registered and often it can tell us under which name that number is being used.

Documents, Images and Videos: In the Internet we can find a lot of information contained in documents, images and videos. For example, our OSINT machine can get information on GPS positioning and date and time from images.

Domain Names, IP Addresses, Email Addresses: Domain names can provide us with a lot of information. For example there are historical data, such as the owner name and phone number. In some occasions, some pages of a website are no more visible; we can find those pages. IP addresses can tell us about the location of an email sender in some cases and email addresses can be very useful to trace a target through the internet.

Business and Government Records: Criminal records, personal addresses, ownership or directorship position in a company, and company information is very important to find. ISOG OSINT machine is capable to providing all such information.

Virtual Currencies and Bank Details: ISOG OSINT machine can also check a lot of information about a specific cryptocurrency wallet or a bank account details.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in OSINT Open Source Intelligence and they can help you get the information you are looking for in most of the cases.