Extortion Investigation, Threats Investigation And Ransomware Investigation


Extortion Investigation, Threats Investigation And Ransomware Investigation.

Whenever you are victim of ransomware or extortion and wish to put all this to an end, ISOG private investigators and private detectives help you collect the evidence of ransomware or extortion and report the criminals to the justice.

Extortion is the illegal way of obtaining an advantage, such as money, property, favors, for oneself or somebody else, from a corporation, a person, or any kind of institutions through coercion. Extortion implies threatening the victim of being subject to violent acts or anything unpleasant if he/she does not accept to do what asked to do.

There is a difference between extortion and blackmail. Extortion implies the threat of illegal action, as we said this could be physical harm or violence, whereas blackmail implies the threat of legal action, for example revealing information such as spouse infidelity.

A special type of extortion is cyber extortion through ransomware. Cyber extortion is the act of hackers demanding payment through the use of or threat of some form of malicious activity against a victim, such damaging computer databases containing customer information. We have just recently seen a cyber extortion attack, happening on a global scale, where corporations from all over the world were obliged to pay a sum of money in the form of cryptocurrency to deactivate a virus installed in their corporate computer networks.

If you owe money to a loan shark  who is charging you interests so high that you are about to get out of business, or if you are blackmailed and forced to pay to avoid to divulge an information, or if you are pressed to pay otherwise a criminal will put your shop on fire, then it is better to stop and think what to do. If you start paying, these people will never stop. So immediate action is needed.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in extortion investigation, threats investigation and ransomware investigation.