Polygraph Tests At ISOG Crime Laboratory


Conduct Polygraph Tests At ISOG Crime Laboratory.

The polygraph is used in many countries by federal governments, intelligence services, military agencies, police, law enforcement agencies, the legal community, the correctional system, and by private investigators and private detectives to check elements of loyalty, honesty and dependability in the areas of criminal investigation, selection and recruitment of personal and periodic evaluations of employees working in sensitive areas.


Pre-employment and Periodic Check

During the recruiting process, we support the Human Resources Department of our client to check different elements which are critical to ensuring that our client does not recruit a liar or worse a criminal.

We check their honesty, basic profile of personality, personal records, labor records, criminal activities, personal habits (consumption of alcohol and/or drugs), criminal records and real reasons for applying for that job position.

The same check can be done periodically to confirm the honesty of the employee.

Evaluations for Specific Cases

The polygraph tests can also be used during different kinds of investigations, both civil and criminal. For example, when a theft has occurred in the company and the employer believes to know the culprit, this latter can be  invited to take part to a test.

Before using the polygraph, it is important to interview the suspect so that he/she might hand over information without feeling accused. ISOG private investigators and private detectives are specialist in conducting interviews and interrogations.


The subject has to give prior written authorization.


The number and type of questions depends on the client’s needs.


Polygraph tests have an approximate duration of one and a half  to two hours and it is carried out in strict adherence to individual and human rights.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in conducting polygraph tests.