Kidnapping Investigations In High Risk Environments


Kidnapping Investigations In High Risk Environments.

Wherever your relatives or friends have been the target of kidnapping, ISOG private investigators and private detectives investigate the case in order to find the culprits, locate the hostage and free him/her. This activity is conducted in coordination with local law enforcement authorities.

Kidnapping is a serious crime and sometimes is committed in conjunction with other crimes. Sometimes, kidnapping investigations start after missing person cases are reported. In fact, missing person investigations can help to determine why people have disappeared and once it is clear that these people have been taken against their will, kidnapping investigators take on the case.

Kidnapping is a term originally coined to describe taking a child away by force or deception. Nowadays, kidnapping terminology still includes abduction and child stealing, but also the abduction of adult people.

Kidnapping investigations should start as soon as the abductions of people are reported. The first hours are always the most crucial ones. Chances of locating a kidnapped person and finding him alive are less and less as time passes by.

Kidnapping is usually connected to other crimes such as human trafficking for sexual exploitation, sale of human organs, extortion, and child custody. Usually investigators and detectives suspect first of the family members and friends to understand what happened and find the culprit.

More and more people are kidnapped today for the more diverse reasons. In Latin America,  express kidnapping, known as “secuestro express” has become widely used by criminals to gain easy money quickly. This crime is now managed by transnational criminal organizations and you can see now Colombian, Mexican and Panamanian gang men joining forces to also manage traditional kidnappings where the victim is kept captive for years.

Moreover, terrorists organizations are widely using this tool for cashing in and finance their terrorist activities.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in kidnapping investigations.