Divorce Cases Consulting To Protect Your Wealth


Divorce Cases Consulting To Protect Your Wealth.

Getting divorced is one of the most painful things that might happen to you. In a divorce anything can happen so you must be prepared to it and plan your attack or exit strategy depending on your situation.

Typical divorce cases consulting session takes about two hour, during which you share information with an ISOG lawyer relevant to your legal issue. Based on the information you provided, the ISOG lawyer will let you know your options.

During the divorce cases consulting session, you should be prepared to discuss what assets you and your spouse have. These may include bank accounts, retirement funds, businesses, cars, boats and homes. Moreover, it is also very important to discuss debts, for example mortgages, any kind of loans and credit card debt. Having an upfront discussion of assets and debts in an initial consultation will allow the ISOG lawyer to get a broad idea of your economic situation and highlight any potential issues. You should also be prepared to talk about income. Income is significant in determining how much child support and/or spousal maintenance a party will pay or receive.

If you wish to divorce because your spouse has cheated on you, then you should first collect all the evidence that might help you win the case in court and locate and document your spouse’ personal assets, both properties and bank accounts.

On the other side, if you wish to protect yourself from a hypothetical aggressive spouse in a divorce case, then you must first think about asset protection planning and then you’d better anticipate your spouse’s move with obtaining an international divorce.

You have probably heard about getting married in Las Vegas or in a Caribbean Island but may be you have never heard about getting divorced offshore with or without your spouse’s consent. International divorce is a mean that can help you solve all your divorce issues with no hassle.

In all divorce situations, ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law can provide you with the best legal advice.