Criminal Investigative Services

Criminal Investigation

We provide attorneys and victims of crime with top criminal investigative services aimed at collecting and corroborating evidence necessary to defend their case.

The situations when you may need us are many. You may need to find the evidence to help convicts to prove their innocence; you are victim of financial fraud and you want to recover your money; you have been accused of robbery but you were in another country.

Cases are all different and unique. We work with you to find the evidence you need.

Analyze Your Case

The first thing to do is to look into your case and identify the critical evidence that you need to defend yourself in a trial or to you need to file as victim of a crime.
You may need to locate a witness; check the alibi of a suspect; collect evidence of a fraud or scam; find evidence to re-open a homicide case; investigate a kidnapping.

Criminal Investigation Plan

ISOG has developed a process to help you collect and corroborate evidence to defend your rights. The process is based on two steps.
STEP 1: We analyze all aspects of your case, identify the evidence gap and set the services you need.
STEP 2: We design a tailored investigative plan to investigate your case.

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We Have The Knowledge And The Experience

Criminal Investigations

ISOG is the most experienced Private Investigative Agency in major criminal investigative services.

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