Electronic Debugging to Protect Your Communications


Electronic Debugging to Protect Your Communications.

Wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping are two types of electronic surveillance that play vital roles in investigative activities.

Wiretapping involves the use of covert means to intercept, monitor, and record telephone conversations of individuals. Electronic eavesdropping may involve the placement of a “bug” inside private premises to secretly record conversations, or the use of listing systems inside vehicles.

Both wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping enable the investigators to monitor and record conversations and activities without revealing the presence of listening devices.

Nowadays, these techniques are used by women and man who want to know more about their spouses or companions behavior and want to gather evidence of any infidelity behavior.

They are also used by bad corporates that try to spy on their competitors, to find out the new products they are about to launch on the markets.

Moreover, law enforcement authorities as well use these techniques for various investigative purposes, particularly in the contexts of organized crime and counterespionage.

Electronic surveillance can reveal, for example, the scope of a criminal organization, the nature of its activities, and the identities of its members.

Electronic surveillance allows private investigators and private detectives to covertly obtain evidence of a particular conversation, series of conversations, or meetings, for use in prosecuting an identified suspect in a known crime. Of course, when used by private investigators and private detectives, a special care should be placed upon respecting the local laws on privacy.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives, in order to prevent economic and physical damages, debug the environment to eliminate the possibility of wire-tapping and conversation interception. ISOG private investigators and private detectives can also provide you with latest encryption technology cellphones and jamming systems to avoid meetings from being recorded.

So much often today executives, individuals, professionals, investors are spied by the competitors, criminals, jealous spouses.

Very often, during electronic debugging, we find telephones tapped and office rooms or private cars bugged. Today’s technologies allow people with criminal intent to follow you by GPS, listen your phone calls and read your text messages sent and received, record business meetings and private conversations.