Unfair Competition Investigations To Protect Your Business


Unfair Competition Investigations To Protect Your Business.

If you experience frustration for being beaten by competitors who allegedly use such practices, ISOG private investigators and private detectives can help you investigate the case and acquire the evidence to prosecute those competitors.

In a striving global market, many companies are facing tough competition from competitors that employ illegal and unfair practices to gain market share and expel the incumbents from the industry.

Unfair competition in commercial law is described as a deceptive business practice that causes economic harm to other businesses or to consumers. It takes place when one company take advantage of the different unfair and illegal practices to beat the competition.

For example, these unfair business practices may include dumping, slave labour, child labour, false custom documentation to pay lower import duties. In some instances, these imply the use of similar logos, names, packages or country of origin, as in the case of Italian food products copied by American companies that make consumers think they are buying Italian food. These are all unethical or illegal business practices.

Nowadays, companies suffer huge losses from the damage to their business, reputation and market shares.

Many large multinational companies, expecially those operating in the telecom industry and retail business, are increasingly accepting to not use providers from developing and third-world countries that make use of slave labour, child labour or deny minimum labour standards. These practices are largely used in China, Vietnam, India, other Asian countries and African countries.

A strong opposition to employing such practices is coming from the consumers, who nowadays are more aware that unethical or illegal business practices may cause a huge damage to the businesses that do not employ such practices, and to the same socio-economic development hopes of third-world countries.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives are expert in unfair competition investigations.