Computer Monitoring to Gather Intelligence


Computer Monitoring to Gather Intelligence.

Technological developments have made computers an important instrument used by companies as well as by individuals in their private homes.

Many companies store sensitive information on computer systems, databases and networks, and most workplace communication is done using computers and networks. Although computers allow businesses to streamline processes, distribute information quickly and stay competitive, it also allows the potential for security breaches that can ultimately affect business operations.

Because most data is stored on computers and almost all communication is done on an organization’s computer network, the security of the data is crucial for the success of an organization. Computer monitoring can be done using a variety of software products, which can also be used to monitor or track employee activity.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives make use of the most up-to-date techniques and software programs for computer monitoring.

There are many cases when a client needs to gather information from computers. For example, you are an employer who is investigating an employee or a director of your company is passing information to competitors or foreign intelligence; or you are just concerned about your child’s Internet friends; or you just need to monitor your spouse’s suspicious activities.

In all these cases, ISOG private investigators and private detectives can monitor the computers of the subject and report all activities done, including Internet websites used, web application userids and passwords, chat line conversations and emails exchanged with third parties. In this way they can put surveillance on the subject and thus help the client also collect evidence used then in court. Of course computer monitoring is performed in accordance with the local privacy laws.

Computer monitoring can secure information stored on computer systems, as well as ensure employees are using workplace computers for business purposes.

Apart from corporate investigations, computer monitoring is successfully used in matrimonial investigations and criminal investigations.