Hiring Private Investigators and Private Detectives


Hiring Private Investigators and Private Detectives.

There are hundreds of professionals worldwode at the moment of hiring private investigators and private detectives. Most of them specialize in only one or two different types of investigations. So selecting the PI agency you need might take some time.

When selecting your PI agency, you need to verify a few things:

Check the PI agency’s credentials:

Not all PI agencies are the same. Most are legitimate agencies but others are not even registered business entities. Check whether the agency has a license if required in the country of incorporation and check whether it has registered business organization delivering private investigative services.

Make sure the PI agency has the right experience:

You need to make sure you are hiring a PI agency which has the experience required in conducting your investigation. Ask for past investigative work done and where in world. Each country is different, has different laws and different customs. For example, private investigations are not allowed in most Arabic countries so special precautions should be taken in order to get the information in legal ways.

Ask all the questions in advance:

You should ask all your questions before giving a mandate to a PI agency. State clearly what your objective is and what is your expectation. Be aware that the PI work is similar to that of a lawyer. Private investigators charge the time they dedicate to you. So you must hire one who is well respected in the PI world.

Always remember that PI agencies must keep their clients’ information confidential and therefore they cannot tell who they are and what investigations they have done on their behalf.

Sign a mandate for conducting the investigation:

Always sign a mandate which states clearly what the object of the investigation is. In this way the relationship with the PI agency will be clear since the beginning.

At ISOG we have a wide experience in many fields of private investigations and our private investigators and private detectives worldwide have the right local knowledge to conduct private investigation work at the higher international quality standards.

You should know when hiring private investigators and private detectives.