2007 Vadim Fursov Criminal Defense Investigation


2007 Vadim Fursov Criminal Defense Investigation.

ISOG starts a wide criminal defense investigation to find new evidence in favour of Vadim Fursov.

ISOG is selected by Ciampa Law Firm on April 21, 2006 to start a criminal defense investigation of the homicide of Omar Gamal Abdel Aziz Hussein happened in Rome on 21 January 1991.

“This is a very complicated story which I try to summarize as follow.”, Paolo Bourelly, President of ISOG, has told today.

“Every Sunday Omar used to sell Russian icons, cameras and other merchandise at his desk in Porta Portese, the famous flee market of Rome. And so he did on January 20 1991. That was the last occasion people saw him.

Four days later his brother reported to the police that his brother had disappeared and that a robbery had been made at his brother’s house. He described the raid in details thanks to his brother’s maid who was a direct witness of the robbery. That maid, a Polish lady, was threatened by the robbers and decided to return to Poland. His brother recorded the phone call and let the police listened to it after some months. The tape was ruined since someone recorded some music on the important part of the conversation.

After one month, the decomposing body of Omar was found in a field and then recognized by his brother. Vadim Fursov, a US citizen born in Ukraine, was charged with the homicide for being the killer. The charges were later changed by the prosecutor and Fursov was accused of being the mastermind. Other people were charged as part of the plot. Fursov’s girlfriend, who then become his wife, his friend Alexander, Alexander’s girlfriend as well as three Russian individuals who then left for Canada and Russia. Fursov was arrested in his house in Miami, where he lived and worked as a business man, and deported to Italy. His wife and Alexander’s girlfriend were sent down for helping their men. Alexander was found guilty but then discharged during the appeal trial. The other people were sentenced but never spent one day in prison since they had already left Italy. Of all the people found guilty, Fursov was the only one who is still detained.

The whole story sounds strange. Interpol in Italy receive a fax from the Israeli police who tell that an informant told them that the homicide of Omar was committed by two Russian and a Palestinian. ISOG private investigators and private detectives found out that this fact was not investigated. The Russian witness who had accused Fursov and the other two Russian individuals, was found dead under a tram in Moscow. I was told the Russians were very close to the KGB. A witness reported to me that he knew Omar very well, they were actually friends. At the beginning of the 1990’s in Europe many people from the ex URSS Republics had arrived and with them many KGB agents. Many Russian were living in Rome waiting for a visa for Israel or the USA.

The witness’ wife too was in fact the ex KGB intelligence officer in Saint Petersburg. After publishing a book on the Russian people arriving to Italy and waiting to be transferred to Israel, he started writing a new book.He shot many photographs at the Russian people at Porta Portese and one day his wife recognized an old ‘friend’ in one of them. After some time all the material he had prepared for his second book disappeared from the house. This witness also reported to me that there was a Palestinian man who used to work at the Palestinian Office who was visiting Omar often. In fact, one Saturday afternoon, while Omar was talking to this man, he entered Omar’s bedroom and found many Russian cases which he recognized as being military cases used for shipping arms.

Was this the Palestinian mentioned by the informant of the Israeli police as being the killer? What framed Fursov was a bracelet an Egyptian witness, friend of Omar’s brother for whom he worked, had reported. He said he had brought that bracelet from Egypt at a certain date compatible with the fact it must have been stolen during the robbery. I had to locate the Egyptian witness, who after an intense field criminal defense investigation, I found at the Infectious Diseases Ward of a hospital in Rome. There we took his statement.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives, experts in criminal defense investigation, along with me started digging in the overall case and collect further evidence of Fursov innocence. I traveled to Egypt and Ukraine to interview more witnesses and managed to have a jeweler make a bracelet identical to the one used to frame Fursov. The Egyptian witness then reported that he had brought it from Egypt at a different date, compatible with the story provided by Fursov’s girlfriend. It has been a long story not finished yet. We are waiting for the prosecutors to reopen the case.”

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