2004 New Terrorism Training For Security Agency


2004 New Terrorism Training For Security Agency.

ISOG signs a new counter terrorism training contract with leading Italian private security agency.

ISOG is selected as training partner by Istituto di Vigilanza La Vittoria, one of the oldest Italian security agencies. La Vittoria provides security services to jewelry businesses and banks located in the city of Naples.

“What made La Vittoria decide to undertake a counter terrorism training course was the necessity of strengthening its security agents’ ability to handle high risk situations. The Neapolitan organized crime employs even more often military and terrorist techniques to achieve their aims. For this reasons, La Vittoria selected ISOG as the natural choice for delivering a high profile counter terrorism course, due to the high professionalism of ISOG security instructors. 2004 new  terrorism training for security agency is a new success for our organization.”, Paolo Bourelly, President of ISOG, has declared today.

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