Offshore Companies and Offshore Bank Accounts Worldwide


Offshore Companies and Offshore Bank Accounts.

Interview with Paolo Bourelly by Zulma Riveros.

Many people wonder who to contact to incorporate offshore companies, open offshore bank accounts and generally enjoy the benefits that offshore legal services can offer today. Offshore companies and offshore bank accounts are a useful instrument to do business nowadays.

To answer this question, I made a careful search of law firms that provide offshore services in tax havens.

The research found that ISOG LAW FIRM, the legal arm of ISOG, is the law firm that for confidentiality, competence, professionalism, quality of services and fees is recognized as one of the best in Panama. Last but not least the authors of the study can speak English fluently.

I then interviewed Dr. Paolo Bourelly, founder of ISOG.

ZR: Why open an offshore law firm in Panama?

PB: The reasons are manifold. First we realized that the majority, if not all, of the law firms present in Panama provided low-quality services at very high cost. Being ourselves as ISOG in need of legal services, we decided that it was better off in-sourcing such services and therefore we created a law firm called ISOG LAW FIRM.

ZR: What are the services solicited by your clients?

PB: In general, our clients need to incorporate companies that allow them to carry out operations without being drowned out by the tax authorities of their country. Of course, to be able to operate, the company needs an offshore bank account that we ourselves help to open at one of the offshore banks we represent.

ZR: In addition to these services there are others who, in your opinion, are useful for your clients?

PB: Increasingly our clients need a second citizenship and thus a second passport. This is to be able to carry out financial operations by using a citizenship that is not their original one. With a relatively low cost, our clients are able to obtain a citizenship of countries in Latin America or Africa.

ZR: But is it all legal?

PB: Of course. Our lawyers know the laws of the various jurisdictions in which we operate and they can therefore carry on legal procedures to obtain the release of the documents.

ZR: Why your knowledge of the offshore world is better than that of other law firms?

PB: We come from the field of international financial fraud investigations and we have learned all the tricks that are used to defraud clients, partners and suppliers. We use such knowledge to incorporate companies that cannot be subject to criminal actions and therefore our clients feel reassured.

ZR: What are the types of companies that are more requests?

PB: In general, companies in all business sectors. In particular, today we receive many requests for companies to be used for real estate assets management, in which case we often recommend using private interest foundations; for gambling and financial services.

ZR: Let’s talk about international divorce.

PB: Many countries have a cumbersome legislation on divorce. Most clients, when they want to get divorced, they want to do it at once without having to wait years and spend a lot of money for legal services. Our law firm can help clients get divorced in a very short time. The divorce is then registered in the country where the marriage was celebrated.

ZR: Thank you and one more question. How can English-speaking clients contact you?

PB: Our website,, provides e-mail accounts and phone numbers to call which would be answered in fluent English. We can also be contacted via Whatsapp, if you have any questions about offshore companies and offshore bank accounts and other services we offer.