Product Counterfeit and Trademark Investigations


Product Counterfeit and Trademark Investigations.

Today trademark, patent, industrial secrets violations and product counterfeit can undermine the marking communication efforts a company is undertaking and can damage its brand image so as to drive clients away, leading to huge losses. For this reason, knowledge of issues of trademarks and product counterfeit investigations is essential.

Most companies have therefore understood that deep trademark investigations and intellectual property infringement investigation is the best way to prevent any future problems and protect their assets.

Names, logos, symbols or slogans are all trademarks that companies use to differentiate their product or service from those of other companies. The fortune of many businesses is made upon building a strong brand image and product appeal that mean something to the potential clients. Just think of Ferrari, Rolex, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Absolut among many. When companies use logos, packaging and names that are similar to those of another company or when they copy the product of other companies then they might damage that business.

Every day individuals and companies around the world register trademarks so that it is not that difficult to infringe them unless a preventive trademark investigation has been undertaken. This applies especially to SMEs (Medium and Small Enterprises) that might end up with paying huge amount of money as a result of a trademark infringement lawsuit and as a result find themselves out of business.

A corporate lawyer and corporate investigator with trademark and product counterfeit experience can run international trademark searches and can help ensure that similarities do not ruin a business. Such a service is about making companies save a lot of money in legal fees.

A first step every company should take is to investigate the trademark and then register it with the local trademark and patent office and then stay alert for possible violations and see whether other companies are using the same trademarks.

ISOG lawyers can help companies do all the trademark investigations and registrations and thus avoid being sued or sue another company which is using its trademarks.

ISOG private investigators and private detectives can on the other hand collect all the evidence of trademark violations or investigate product counterfeit cases.

ISOG private investigators, private detectives and lawyers are expert in trademarks and product counterfeit investigations.