Panama Extradition Process Defense Strategy


Panama Extradition Process Defense Strategy.

When the country of Colombia was plagued by the violence of drug traffic, in the decade of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, the boss in charge of the Medellin Cartel, better known as Pablo Escobar created a subdivision of his criminal organization together with other bosses of the area and he named it “The Extraditables”. This organization owned a curious motto that prayed: “We prefer a tomb in Colombia than a jail in the United States”. Without any doubt, a phrase that reveals the confessed fear that experimented the most dangerous criminal of the world in the moment, in the case of being captured, and taken to respond for his crimes abroad and having to adjust to the measures imposed by the extradition procedure.

The concept of this legal procedure is very simple to understand. In the case of a person incurring in a felony to the law of a State and that person being able to escape from the borders of such nation, to later being detained in other place of the world, then, the country where the law was broken can ask for the offender to the government which made the detention, so the offender can come back to be judged under the laws existing there. The first requirement, naturally, to make such request to the nation retaining the offender, is to deliver concrete evidence to prove the guiltiness of the offender and that such aggression to the norm is also typified in the constitution of the retaining country.

The logic of justice that traditionally and culturally exist is that every person must respond for its acts, no matter the place. Consequently, under this moralist vision, all the governments in the world should totally agree to transfer a criminal to assume the consequences of its acts. Even though, a country can oppose the delivery of a person for the simple fact of not being affiliated to the International Convention on extradition. And, nonetheless, this obligation is not absolute at all, since the country receiving the request of extraditing the person has all the rights of not continuing with the process if it considers that according to its own legislation it is not possible to fulfill all the parameters established to continue with the delivery.

This condition gets even more complicated if the person to be extradited is from the same country that is considering to leave him or her to the disposal of the powers of the State making the claim. This is so accurate that in the whole world there are only 7 States willing to deliver their own nationals, which are: the United Kingdom, The United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Mexico and Colombia. All the other countries on the planet have their own laws through which they refuse to deliver their own citizens or they possess constitutional measures that simply do not agree to grant extradition.  There are many reasons why the different countries of the world do not agree to perform extradition so easily, even when the justifying motives are very evident. Many of those reasons are due to political conditions, as simple as it can be the fact that a nation in the defense of its autonomy is not willing to let other to get involved in its legal procedures. In certain cases, as the last resort to the fact of not achieving the extradition, the next step is for the person to be judged by the laws of the retaining country and serving the time of sentence there.

Because of all these, Panama extradition process defense strategy is a very delicate topic to work with. ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law have all the legal tools to help you with a Panama extradition process defense strategy, in addition to provide you all the necessary counseling to obtain a good process. Either because you are an offender of the law or a victim of a person that uses other nation as shelter, you have all the rights of being protected and having a clear vision that you need to obtain a good outcome in a situation like this. A situation so delicate where, because international political interests are on the table, all the matters that surround this legal procedure must be examined with a lot of care. Any detail being violated in the legislation of every country, can open the door of exoneration for the offender in the process.

To avoid being a prey of such type of mistake, the better thing to do is to rely on the professional services of the ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law, whose experience on this aspect can assure you a legal process in all its conditions where you are the best beneficiary.

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