FBI Spy Skype Communications Calls and Messages


FBI Spy Skype Communications Calls and Messages.

Skype is a software developed in Estonia in 2003 that revolutionized the world of communications, allowing millions of people to communicate for free and make international calls at very low cost.

Skype has always been a safe way to communicate. In fact, Skype uses an algorithm through which the transmitted data is automatically encrypted with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit and transmitted using a proprietary peer-to-peer communication protocol.

Skype uses the available bandwidth on the end-user systems to convey part of the communications through Skype’s network. In fact, choosing a set of connected users that have a good broadband connection, a valid CPU and not bound to a firewall configuration, then automatically assigns them the role of supernode. In this way, the bandwidth is used by the network to convey other VoIP communications.

This network architecture makes it impossible to intercept communications. The data exchanged between the clients are encrypted in a user-transparent way and can follow random paths. Infact, FBI spy Skype communications calls and messages

The researcher Kostya Kortchinsky found that the number of supernodes fell from 48,000 to about 10,000, stating that Microsoft, the current owners of Skype, has chosen to concentrate its premises the majority of supernodes. Microsoft, which confirmed the view taken by Kortchinsky could therefore intercept conversations easily.

In 2008, Skype claimed not to be able to intercept the conversations of its members and not be subject to U.S. laws on wiretapping because based in Europe. In 2012, the FBI asked to see, in the case of Megaupload, the Skype chat dating back to 2007, also contradicting the official policy that states that 30 days is the retention period of the data. Above all, the acquisition of Microsoft would change the regulatory framework, not more European but American.

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Be aware that FBI spy Skype communications calls and messages.