2015 Ansioso Marketing Financial Fraud Investigation


2015 Ansioso Marketing Financial Fraud Investigation.

ISOG starts a financial fraud and money laundering investigation in the Philippines and in other countries.

ISOG is contracted by the victim of a financial fraud to investigate the case and lead to the recovery of his money. ISOG private investigators and private detectives are conducting a background check with due diligence of all the companies involved and are searching all assets hidden in bank accounts.

“We have started to investigate various companies including Ansioso Marketing, ABNCM TRDG, Deacon Corporate Group, Atlas Capital Consultants, Chicago, Lincoln International LP in the Philippines and other countries, in order to help our client recover his money. This fraud modus operandi is common and is usually perpetrated by Chinese, American and British individuals living in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines. The President of the Philippines helped us progress in the investigation and move the case to the Prosecutor’s Office. One person has already been charged with financial fraud and money laundering and the National Bureau Of Investigation is tracing another person involved in the scam. Whenever we need to get the help of the top authorities of a country, we do it. So we can really help the victims of such a crime and This is why clients trust us. We urge all victims of Ansioso Marketing, ABNCM TRDG, Deacon Corporate Group, Atlas Capital Consultants, Chicago, Lincoln International LP to seek the help of ISOG to establish the right legal procedure to facilitate the recovery of their money.”, Paolo Bourelly, President of ISOG, has declared today.

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