2007 New Anti Terrorism Training for Security Agency


2007 New Anti Terrorism Training for Security Agency.

ISOG signs a new counter terrorism training contract with leading Italian private security agency.

ISOG is selected again as training partner by TVE, a leading Italian Security Agency. TVE provides security services to Trenitalia and Simmel Difesa.

“TVE had to deliver very high security services to Trenitalia and Simmel Difesa. To the first company TVE provided security of the train deposit areas in Rome and to the second TVE wanted to provide also security of the transport of explosives.

ISOG security instructors delivered TVE two outstanding security training courses. The first one was focused on Train Security Operations, whereas the second was to provide its security agents the necessary knowledge to ensure security during the transport of dangerous goods. ISOG is once more widening its portfolio of counter terrorism training courses to better meet today’s security challenges. 2007 new anti terrorism training for security agency is a new success for our organization.”, Paolo Bourelly, President of ISOG, has declared today.


ISOG is a professional private investigation agency, legal firm and forensic lab providing comprehensive investigative, intelligence, legal and forensic services to their International clients like UN Agencies, European Local Governments, Banks and Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Fraud Examiners, Corporate Audit Departments, Internal Corporate Investigators, International Process Servers, International Private Investigators, Corporations, Exporters, Insurance Companies, and other private individuals all over world. We are professional private investigators, private detectives, lawyers and forensic experts handling investigations all over the world.

ISOG was founded in Panama in 2003 to provide investigative services in the area of financial fraud and money laundering. It was then decided to widen our service portfolio to provide clients with all kinds of investigations, legal and forensic services worldwide.

In 2004 ISOG decided to enter other markets, by creating a global organization of local operations agents and affiliates.

At the beginning of 2011, ISOG, in order to internationally support its clients in a more effective way, decided to create a legal department that specializes in international frauds, asset protection and litigation.

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