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How To Save Yourself From Pawning of Your Assets

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How To Save Yourself From Pawning of Your Assets.

Today it is more and more important to plan the purchase of real estate or other goods in advance, in order to avoid that your assets could be pawned in the future, due to not paying a fine or to a divorce decree. How it is possible to protect your assets in advance from pawning and make them untouchable?

It is possible to protect your assets by using a Panama offshore anonymous company and registering the asset that you wish to buy in its name. In this way, besides getting the anonymity of the ownership, you will be able to alienate the asset by simply handing over the bearer shares to the new buyer, thus avoiding registering the sale with a public notary and then paying the relative taxes.

How is it possible to use an anonymous company in Italy or in another European or extra-EU country to purchase a real estate? Anonymous companies of Panama, for being legal entities with own property autonomy, can be represented before third parties by whoever subject holding a notarized and apostilled power of attorney, undersigned by the three directors of the company.

This means that is possible to delegate a lawyer or an accountant to undersign notarized acts for the purchase of real estate located in Italy and in other European or extra-EU countries.

This procedure, if well planned and performed in a preventive way, will allow you to avoid pawning and to safeguard your assets, as their ownership cannot be connected to you in direct way.

A good asset protection planning can help you avoid all the above problems, save time and money and sleep peacefully. If you want to know how to save yourself from pawning of your assets, contact ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law who can help you with your asset protection planning, by selecting the right services and strategies tailored to your specific needs.

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