Panama Offshore Companies Redomiciliation in Liberia


Panama Offshore Companies Redomiciliation in Liberia.

Redomiciliation of offshore anonymous companies is a reality that many countries cannot underestimate.

Panama has recently signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) with many European countries. In truth Panama has not the only one that signed such agreements. In general all the tax havens, in order to be dropped from the OECD’s black list, are doing that. Among these countries, Liberia has signed a minimum of 12 agreements that has allowed it to leave the OECD’s black list.

The difference between the two countries is that Liberia doesn’t provide tributary information to many important countries, among which Italy for example, and that the confidentiality of information on the beneficiaries of a company is guaranteed by the Liberian Corporate Registry.

All this is making companies to redomicile elsewhere and today most of them are choosing Liberia as the tax haven of excellence.

The advantages of an offshore anonymous company are sure: nonresident Liberian entities are not liable for Liberian tax; beneficial ownership does not have to be disclosed to the authorities; there is no requirement for a Liberian company to file the names of directors or shareholders;  no obligation requiring Liberian participation in the management of your company; there is no requirement to file accounts for any type of Liberian company.

ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law are expert in Panama offshore companies redomiciliation in Liberia.

ISOG is an agent working directly with the Liberian Company Registry. For this reason we are the ultimate keeper of all information regarding the corporation and thus we can ensure our clients their totalprivacy in relation to the names of the directors and shareholders, thus preventing third-parties get such information which may be used for illicit purposes. We guarrantee our clients discrection and privacy.

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