Living Without Taxes Is Possible Get Rid of the Big Brother


Living Without Taxes Is Possible Get Rid of the Big Brother.

A 20% VAT (Value Addred Tax), the Tax Authority that take legal actions against those who ignore a payment requests, the Private Debt Collection Agencies that may start bankruptcy action or winding up proceedings if HM Revenue & Customs believes your business is insolvent; for sure the situation in the UK is getting worse and even some physicians are already talking about tax stress.

Putting aside the disastrous situation that we have in the UK and just considering the possible solutions, among which relocating abroad, we wish to highlight that it is possible to relocate your own business activity in a country with low tax imposition. Obviously it is not possible to do so for whatever type of entrepreneurial activity, but let’s look at a practical example.

A young computer engineer, who makes software or provides consulting services as a freelance and earns an average 100,000 GBP a year, will have to pay more than 45,000 GBP in yearly income tax, without taking into consideration the National Insurance costs.

Let’s say the engineer relocates to Panama and decides to create a software sales and consulting firm that will still work for his UK clients, selling new products and services by an online website, at yearend he will have to pay zero income tax. This is possible because in Panama, as in other countries with a favorable tax system, income generated outside the national territory is tax exempt. Obviously this is easily a solution suitable to those who work as freelance and does not need an infrastructure that needs to produce and then sell

As we always tell our clients, each case is unique and therefore must be analyzed so as to take the most appropriate actions to achieve the goal. Living without taxes is possible, therefore consult with the ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law in order to get a quotation based on your professional and business needs.