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Liberian Ship Registry 60 Years First Class Service

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Liberian Ship Registry 60 Years First Class Service.

The Liberian Ship Registry is the world’s largest quality registry, renowned for excellence, efficiency, safety and innovative service.

Liberia has earned international respect for its dedication to flagging the world’s safest and most secure vessels. The Liberian Ship Registry is recognized at the top of every industry “white-list” including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the major Port State Control authorities such as the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Liberian Ship Registry has experienced exponential growth in fleet size and registered tonnage throughout its long history. In recent years, the Liberian Ship Registry has grown by approximately 65 million gross tons, twice the growth rate claimed by its nearest competitor over the same period, establishing beyond dispute that Liberia is far and away the fastest growing quality ship registry. In 2010, the Registry celebrated a major milestone in ship registry history when it passed the historic figure of 100 million gross tons.

The Registry provides its clients with 24-hour service making it the value-added partner for quality shipowners and shipmanagers in the demanding environment of the global shipping industry. In addition to its regional offices in the major maritime centers of the world, the Liberian Registry is also supported by a worldwide network of over 220 Nautical Inspectors and 120 qualified Security and Safety Auditors. This global infrastructure ensures that there is always someone available to provide assistance and service anywhere in the world.

Advantages of the Liberian Ship Registry:

  • Shipping Industry Leader
  • Quality reputation – White Listed in Every Port State Control Jurisdiction
  • Recognized for Quality by Oil Majors, OCIMF, CDI and Rightship Inspection Regimes
  • Global Service Network – Experienced, Responsive & Practical
  • Staff of Shipping Experts, Not Bureaucrats
  • Technical Innovations

Liberian Ship Registry 60 years first class service. To know more about ship registration in the Liberian Ship Registry, contact ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law.

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