Disinherit Your Spouse and Protect Your Wealth


Disinherit Your Spouse and Protect Your Wealth.

Today one of the biggest problems is the impossibility to plan your own will where local laws dictate how to split your patrimony after your death. Is it possible to solve this issue and find out an ad-hoc solution?

By using a private interest foundation of Panama, besides planning your will, you will be able to protect your assets from being seized by third parties. Moreover, the beneficiaries of the patrimony of the foundation are anonymous. Such secretiveness is not even violated when submitting your annual income tax return, which is not even required when the assets are abroad, thus enjoying a total exemption from paying taxes on foreign income.

Private interest foundations are used mainly to keep control of your own patrimony and to give you complete freedom in deciding on whom to leave it to.

Unlike anonymous companies, private interest foundations cannot have commercial objectives and cannot have shareholders, but they can own shares in one or more anonymous companies and eventually distribute their dividends among the beneficiaries of the foundation, according to the instructions by the founder.

Unlike trusts, you can keep control as being the president and you won’t have to alienate your patrimony in favor of the trustee who will then manage it.

Accordingly, your patrimony and assets transferred to the foundation cannot be seized or judicially forfeited or be object of litigations that involve the founder, as for instance a divorce or a litigation for alimony for the spouse or children.

ISOG lawyers know how to disinherit your spouse. They know exactly what are the right strategies to avoid that your spouse can make you broke and benefit from your years of hard work. Based on their strong experience, ISOG lawyers can help you in all the steps of asset protection planning.