Big Brother Free Offshore Bank Accounts Without Tax Harrassment


Big Brother Free Offshore Bank Accounts Without Tax Harrassment.

The recent developments of the European economy are making the governments of the States of the Euro Zone to implement a system invasive of the private life of all citizens. The Tax and in general the State Administrations will be able to intrude in the private life of everybody.

The mandatory opening of a checking bank account, the traceability of all transactions even small ones, the end of the privacy of the bank transactions themselves are the first provisions taken by these governments to get into your private life. Have you traveled to the Seychelles? Have you purchased a gift for your child? Are you a wealthy person possible target of kidnapping? Well, all the Public Administrations will know who you are and what you do, putting your safety, both economic and physical, in danger.

What can European citizens do to protect themselves from the Big Brother in a legal, safe and confidential way?  Opening an offshore bank account domiciled in a tax haven which can be managed via the Internet  with the availability of a credit card in order to withdraw money from all the ATMs in the world. The amount of allowed cash withdrawal will naturally be proportionate to the account balance and the whole system will enjoy of high security thanks to the use of devices that generate a code to operate on the Internet.

Big brother free offshore bank accounts withourt tax harrassment: if you wish a custom designed solution for your asset protection, you can turn to ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law.