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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts S From Financial Authorities

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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts S From Financial Authorities.

Almost all firms offering financial services in your country must be authorised by your local Financial Services Authority, therefore you should only deal with authorised firms.

Unfortunately there are firms that operate without authorisation and some knowingly run scams like share fraud and other investment scams.

If a firm does not appear on the Register of Authorized Firms of your local Financial Services Authority but claims it does, search for it in this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts S.

Beware of fraudsters pretending to be from a firm authorised by your local Financial Services Authority, as it could be what we call a ‘clone firm’. If you are cold-called by a financial services firm always ring them back on the switchboard number given on the Register.

We add firms to this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts S, as soon as possible but it is not exhaustive. Do not assume a firm is legitimate just because it does not appear in this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts S,  these firms frequently change their name and it may not have been reported yet.

You should take further steps to protect yourself from unauthorised firms and check our list of fraud warnings fraud alerts S.

If you think you are a victim of an Internet scam, Internet fraud, stock and securities fraud or a boiler room and you are looking for help, please contact ISOG lawyers, attorneys at law, private investigators and private detectives to check our fraud warnings fraud alerts S list.

ISOG offers services to assist you with investigating the case, issuing warnings, filing claims with financial authorities and taking legal actions for money recovery.

Please inform us about your case, by the use of this contact form.



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Sachs Trust
S-Acquisition Corp
Safe Inrest Quota Obtain Ltd (also known as SIQO)
Safecoe Holdings International Ltd
Safeguard Equity Group
Sage Consultants www.sageconsultants.com
SAGI (Securities Advisory Group International)
Sakai, Yao and Partners
Sakuma Group
Sakura Financial Group
Salamon and Tate Consulting (http://salamonandtateconsulting.com)
Salomon and Associates
Sameday Loans
Samsung Securities a/k/a Sigma Securities (info@samsung-securities.com)
Sanderson Independent Group; www.sanderson-group.com
Sanderson Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sandford C. Bernstein (Asia) Limited
Sandford Hale & Co.
Sandford Hale & Co. (www.sandford-hale.com)
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co (www.scbernstein.co.uk, www.scb-retail.co.uk)
Sanford C. Bernstein Limited
Sani Consulting SA
Santander Investment Securities Group
Santiago Mergers & Acquisitions (http://santiagomna.com/)
SAN-Trans Services, SAN-Trans Services UK (www.san-trans.tk) (www.san.eu.pn)
Sapporo International
Saradunia Investments (L) Ltd
Sarasin Funds Management (Guernsey) Limited (Clone of FSA Registered firm – www.sarasin-funds.com, www.sarasinfunds.com)
Satellite Acquisition Corp.
Satellite Consumer Services Ltd t/a Digital Support
Satori Group
Saudi American Holding Corporation or Schaffner Holding
Sauer Rayson International
Savage Finance Limited / Savageloans
Savoy Asset Management
Savoy Asset Management
Savoy Investment Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Saxon Rose / Saxon Rose Associates, saxon-rose.com
Saxon Rose Associates
SB Registry
SBI International Law Associates Mergers & Acquisitions
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Scandinavian Trade
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Schiller Gates, Inc.
Schmid Immobilien Ltd. (Kaptal24)
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Schreiber & Gruenberg Partnership Limited & Co. Beteilingungs KG
Schroeder Wahlberg
Schulz & Partner (clone)
Schwartz Leiberman Associates
Scorpion Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Scorpion Performance Inc
Scott Fischer Consultancy
Scott Fitzgerald Group
Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services (www.scottsdaleconsultancy.com)
Scottsdale Future and Options
SDA Investors Co (www.sdainvestors.net) (claiming to be registered in the USA)
Seaboard Securities, Inc. (www.seaboardsecurities.com)
Seago South Mergers & Acquisitions, LLP
Seagram Services Ltd (seagramservicesltd.net)
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Secured Communications Limited (trading as CashU.com)
Secured Trade Investment
Securities Administration
Securities Advisory Group (www.securitiesadvisorygroup.org)
Securities Associates Group
Securities Group Singapore
Securities Management Research (based in Manhattan, USA)
Securities Regulatory and Investment Board
Securities Regulatory Commission
Securities Trading Board
Securities Trading Commission (www.gov.secto.us)
Security Advisory Group
Security and Equity Corporation
Security Capital Consultants
Seedorf Luxman and Partners
Seedoro Bank
SeeWest Holdings Ltd
Seisma Energy Research
Seisma Oil Research LLC also trading as Seisma Energy Research (www.seismaoilresearch.com, www.seismaresearch.com)
Sekulic Dragon (www.sekulicdragon.com)
Select American Transfer Co.
Select Capital Management Corporation
Select Capital Ventures SA
Selective Insurance
Selfridge Perkins Group, SPG
Selfridge Perkins Group, www.selfridgeperkinsgroup.com
Sell and Rent Back Solutions (www.sellandrentbackmyhouse.org.uk)
Sell Pension UK
Selva Resources Corporation www.selvaresources.com
Semper Consulting Limited & Co KG/Semper Management Services Limited
Senales 365
Sentinel Group
Sentinel Trading Investment Corporation
Seremar Sp. z o.o.
Seward, Groves, Richard and Wells
SF Wealth Group (clone)
SFVA Finance (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
SG Innovation Ltd (XMarkets.com)
SGI Investments
SGS Consultants Limited (www.sgsconsultantslimited.com sgsconsultantslimited.com)
SGS Global Limited
Shaffer Lienhard / Beijing Mercantile Exchange, BEMEX
Shaista Investments
Shaks Specialist Cars (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Shanghai Capital Group Inc.
Shanghai International Financial Group
Shanghai Mercantile Exchange
Shanghai Wang Venture Inc.
Share Sales Pty Ltd
SharkInvest HYIP
Sharp Courage Global
Shaw Asset Management
Shaw Capital Management (www.shaw-capital.com)
Shaw, Edwards, Emmerson & Knight LTD LLP (SEEK Ltd. LLC/LLP)
Shawz Online Brook (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
Sheffield, Silverman and Monroe
Shengtai Group
Shenyang Chenghao Securities Brokerage Co., Ltd
Shenzhen International Group (www.shenzheninternationalgroup.com)
Sherwood Henderson Limited
Shimbashi & Partners
Shin Futures
Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage
Shinjuku Commodities
Shitong Futures
SHK Financial Group (China) Co. Ltd
Shtern Group
Sicfex Swiss International Commodities Futures Exchange
Sidstone, Gray & Partners (www.sidstonegray.com)
Siegar Private Limited
Sigma Forex
Sigma Securities/Sigma Asset Management (www.sigmaassetmangement.com)
Signature Consulting. Ltd.
Silicon Valley Financial Incorporated
Silver Gate Index Limited
Silverman International
Silverstone Management, S.L.
Silverthorne and Chambers Inc. (S&C)
Simon Eastwood Asset Management
Simon Gray & Associates
Simora Investments
Simple Finance (clone)
Simplon Corporation Trust
Simpson Venture Limited
Simray ASA (My Private Trade)
Sinclair Insurance Co Limited
Sines Media Limited
Sinitus Group
Sino Options Trading Limited
Sino Trade Europe (www.sino-trade-europe.com)
Sino Trading
Sinopart Corporation
Sirius Financial
Sirius Holdings
Six Swiss Exchange Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Six Swiss Exchange Ltd (clone)
Självrisk försäkring i Sverige Handelsbolag
Skandia Invest (clone firm)
Skipton Asset Management (www.skiptonassetmanagement.com)
SKJ Capital Partners (clone firm)
Sky Capital / Sky Capital Enterprises / Sky Capital Holdings
Sky Financial Services (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sky Money Solutions
Sky Private Banking
Sky Protect Limited
Sky Safe Ltd
Skyfame Tower
Skyline Advisory Group
SkyQuid (clone of FCA authorised firm)
SkyWay Capital
SLB Group AG (Swiss Legit Bank)
SLFC Unit Managers (UK) Limited/Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada “Offshore Division”/Sunlife Offshore Limited
Sloane & Rutherford
SLS Trade
SLV Worldwide Inc
Smallwood & Brown Ltd
Smart Marketing Services
Smart Trade FX
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SMES Bank Great Britain Limited
SMG Assurance Limited
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Smith Securities Limited
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Smythe Rutherford & Burns Plc
Snapper Head Marketing Limited
SNF Associates Inc (snfassociatesinc.com)
Soft Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sol Transfer Agents LLC
Solaris Global Partners
Sold In A Click
Sole Invest GmbH
Solicitors Financial Centre Limited (cloned firm)
Soloman Mckinley Associates
Solomon Lloyd
Solstrand Limited
Solvay Financial
S-One Financial/Summit One Financial (www.sonefinancial.com)
Song Management Group
Songbird Finance Limited (clone)
Sophisticated Investor
Soros Holland
Source One International
South Atlantic Securities
South Finance (clone of FCA Authorised firm)
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South West Bank
Southampton Investment Services International
Southampton Investment Services Limited (southamptoninternational.com)
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Southern Cross Mergers and Acquisitions
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SP Trade Investments Capital Limited
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Spartacus Private Equity Group
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Spears Asia International Limited
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Spectrum Land
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Spencer Group
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SPG, www.selfridgeperkinsgroup.com
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Spot Investicije poslovno svetovanje
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SPS Investment Products (www.investwithsps.com)
SPS Investments GmbH (www.investwithsps.com)
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SSW Market Making GmbH
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St James & Thatcher Associates
St James Asset Management
St James Associates
St James Partners
St. George Europe S.L.
St. James Asset Management/St. James Associates(www.sjassetmanagement.com)
St. James Partners (www.sjassetmanagement.co.uk)
St. James Wealth (www.stjwealth.com)
Stalis SA
Stalmann Clark
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Standard Fidelity
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Stanley Riebeck Corporation
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Stansell Corporate Services LLC
Stanswood International LLC
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Stanton Berkley
Stanton Goldstein (www.stantongoldstein.com)
Starke Wealth Management (www.starkewealth.com)
State Bridge Partners
State Street Advisors (www.statestreetadvisory.com) Steed and Associates
Steed and Associates, Inc.
Steel Mercantile Portfolio
Stefan Ofenbock & Co (clone)
Stein and Fitzgerald Associates
Stein Banc Commerce
Stein Fitzgerald Associates/Stein Fitzgerald Group
Stein Fitzgerald Group
Stein Morgan International
Steinberg & Ashley Corp.
Steinberg Investment Research AG – www.sir-suisse.com
Steinberg Management
Steinbrueck Financial Services
Steiner Haus Capital (www.steinerhauscapital.com)
Steinman Brooks & Associates
Stemark Limited
Stenham Investment Funds plc (clone)
Stephen Vandervord
Stephens Capital Markets Limited
Stephenson Moore Consulting
Sterling Alternative Energy Group
Sterling Asset Management
Sterling Bishop Associates
Sterling Capital Corporation
Sterling Consultancy Options (clone)
Sterling Equity Corporation
Sterling Finance AG (sterlingfinanceltd.com)
Sterling Independent Financial Solutions (clone of FSA registered firm)
Sterling Manhattan
Stern Fisher Edwards Corp
Stern Options
Sternfield Limited
Sternwood Business Services
Sternwood Trading Partners Co Ltd
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor (www.skifa.co.uk)
Stevenson Investment Management Inc
STIFX (stifxonline.com)
STJ Advisors also trading as STJ Wealth (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Stockcom Tradez Inc aka www.stockcominc.com
Stockfield Associates Group
Stockwell Investment Group
Stoic Capital Management
Stoic Capital Management Inc
Stonehard Consulting d.o.o.
Stonehill Securities
Stonewell Finance
Stonewood Securities Limited
STP Direct Ltd
STP Markets
S-Trade Inversiones
Straighthold Investment Group, Inc.
Strategic Capital Partners Portfolio Management AG
Strategic Corporate Services
Strategic Energy Partners
Strategic Investment Group
Strategic Investment Group, SIG
Strategic Management, Inc. / International Bureau Trade Commission
Strategic Merger Consultants/ www.strategicmergerconsultants.com
Strategic Private Equity Group
Strategic Private Equity LLC
Stratford Advisory Services
Stratford Group Limited, The
Stratford International Limited
Strathclyde Associates, www.strathclydeassociates.com
Stratton FX (clone)
Stratton Wainwright
Strauss Capital Consultants (www.strausscapitalconsultants.com)
Strauss Jones (www.straussjones.com)
Strike Commodities Ltd
Strike Securities Inc. ( SSinc)
Strike Servicios y Asesoramiento, S.L.
Stroll Marketing e Entretenimento Ltda
Stromberg Trading Ltd
STX Global Limited t/a STX Markets
Sud Internet Services Limited
Suisse Credit Capital Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Suisse Life Securities
Sukumo Group
Sullivan Investment Group
Sullivan Ross
Sumit International Banking Consultancy (www.sumit.gr/en/contact.aspx)
SUMITOMO Financial Corporation (www.sumifincorp.com)
Sumitomo Global
Sumitomo International
Summers Associates Ltd
Summit Capital Management
Summit Empire Group Limited
Summit Holdings (www.summitholdings.info)
Summit M & A Inc
Summit Mergers and Acquisitions (New York)
Summit One Financial/S-One Financial/ (www.sonefinancial.com)
Sun Bank Offshore Jersey (Channel Islands)
Sun Billion Limited
Sun International Mergers & Acquisitions
Sun Trust Telephone Banking
Sunflower Loans / Sunflower Personal Loans Limited / Big Loans
Sunline Transfer Agents (www.sunlinetransfer.com)
Sunrise Futures LLC
Sunseeker Energy Limited
Sunshine Credit (clone)
Sunshine Empire Pte (SE)
SunTrust Service
Sunway International
Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance (www.sun-wealthcorpo.com)
Sunwide Finance
Sure Money UK (clone)
Surplus Finance SA
Sutton Johnson Holdings
Svl Asset Management (www.svlassetmanagement.com)
SVM Ireland
SVM Ireland (www.svmireland.com)
SW1 Options
Swan Asset Management (www.swanmgmt.com)
Swift Bridging
Swift Tech Capital
Swiftsure Securities Limited
Swim Worldwide
Swish Loans (clone)
Swiss & Global Asset Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Swiss Assets FX Finance LTD
Swiss Atlantic Securities AG
Swiss Bank FX
Swiss Capital Assets
Swiss Commodities Futures Exchange
Swiss Corp. International
Swiss Financial Group
Swiss Financial Research (www.info@swiss-fr.com)
Swiss Financial Service (www.swissfinancialservice.net)
Swiss Global Asset Management (www.sgamldn.com – Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Swiss International Group
Swiss Invest Ltd
Swiss Investment (clone)
Swiss Investment Corporation (clone)
Swiss Investor Club AG
Swiss Key Equity
Swiss Key Equity Consult AG
Swiss Life (clone)
Swiss Life (Klon)
Swiss Magnates
Swiss Management Consulting
Swiss Money Report, www.swissmoneyreport.net
Swiss Mutual Fund (1968) S.A.
Swiss Partners AG (clone)
Swiss Privilege
Swiss Siam Investment Club
Swiss Trust Advisory
Switch Leads Limited (The Pension Review Company)
Switzerland Investment Group
Swollen Horse Limited
Symposia Private Equity (www.symposia-equity.co.uk)
Syndicate Group International
Syndicated Wealth Group
Synergy Capital
Synergy Capital, LLC (www.synergycap.net)
Synergy Commodities
Synergy Europe (www.synergyeurope.eu)
Synergy Group Doradcy Finansowi
Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions
Synergy Wealth
System World Investment Corp.
Sadler Incorporation Ltd (SI)
Safe Deed Limited
Safe Invest Sp. z o.o.
Safecap Investments Poland Sp. z o.o.
Saga Nagoya Securities
Sanata Group Eood / Pentacle Group Ltd
Sanders Associates LLP
Sapone Trading
Satis Asset Management
Save Power UK
Savings Options Trading (clone)
Scbcusgroups.com (clone)
Schroeder Law Firm
Scrilliy (clone)
Sebastian Wiedera Doradztwo Finansowe
Seveninvest Management Limited (clone)
SFM Limited
Sheridan Wells Advisors
Shinsei Securities
Shore Capital (Clone)
SICAV Objectif Finance Investissements, OFI (clone)
Sigma Cfd Ltd
Signature Cards / Gem Finance Cards / Easy Cash Cards
SingleBell Ltd
Sky Marketing
Sky Way Capital Inc.
Skye Security International
Skye Tower Momentum Bank
Skywalker Capital (Hong Kong) Limited
Smart Choice Zones LP, Fx Breeze, Togacoin Ltd, Amicopolis Limited
Smart Spend Limited
SMS Associates
Social Generated Province Banking
Solar Securities International Transfer
Solid Capital Ltd / Vortex Capital Ltd / www.axecc.io
Solid Global Investment Limited
Solid Plus Ltd
Solomon & Kendrick
Solutio Jarosław Jaskuła
SolutionsCM Ltd
Sovereign Wealth Preservation (clone)
SP Financial Management Limited t\a Ubanka (clone)
St. James’s Place (Clone)
Stamford-Market / Stamford Trading Technologies LP
Star Yao International (Hong Kong) Limited
Starwood Asset Management Fund (clone of authorised firm)
Steiner and Partners
Sterling and Ross Advisory S.A.
Sterling Fund & Co Wealth Management
STG Limited / Shengtian International Financial Group / Shing Tin International Trading Limited
Stocksbtc – www.stocksbtc.com
Stone Capital Partners and Bania Technologies Online Ltd.
Storm Finance Limited
Strategic Future Investment Ltd
Structured Strategic Capital (SSC)
Stubblefield Advisors LLC
Sucaba Enterprise Ltd. / CentroBanc
Sullivan Seton Murphy Law Firm
Sumitomo Gunma Holdings
Sun Capital Limited, www.bitsurge.io and Facebook page “Project Crypto Green Earth”
Sussex Investment
Swift Bit Options Ltd.
Swiss Asset Bank
Swiss Assets FX
Swiss Capital
Swiss Capital Group Ltd / Swiss Cap Ltd / www.capitalswissfx.com
Swiss Capital Invest Holding Ltd (Clone) trading as Swiss Capital Invest
Swiss Financial Capital
Swiss Golden Investment Bank
Swiss Investment Private Bank
Swordfish Financial
Sylwia Borucka-Kazmierczak Olimpus
Symmons Advisors LLC