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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts C From Financial Authorities

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Fraud Warnings Fraud Alerts C From Financial Authorities.

Almost all firms offering financial services in your country must be authorised by your local Financial Services Authority, therefore you should only deal with authorised firms.

Unfortunately there are firms that operate without authorisation and some knowingly run scams like share fraud and other investment scams.

If a firm does not appear on the Register of Authorized Firms of your local Financial Services Authority but claims it does, search for it in this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts C.

Beware of fraudsters pretending to be from a firm authorised by your local Financial Services Authority, as it could be what we call a ‘clone firm’. If you are cold-called by a financial services firm always ring them back on the switchboard number given on the Register.

We add firms to this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts C, as soon as possible but it is not exhaustive. Do not assume a firm is legitimate just because it does not appear in this list of fraud warnings fraud alerts C,  these firms frequently change their name and it may not have been reported yet.

You should take further steps to protect yourself from unauthorised firms and check our list of fraud warnings fraud alerts C.

If you think you are a victim of an Internet scam, Internet fraud, stock and securities fraud or a boiler room and you are looking for help, please contact ISOG lawyers, attorneys at law, private investigators and private detectives to check our fraud warnings fraud alerts C.

ISOG offers services to assist you with investigating the case, issuing warnings, filing claims with financial authorities and taking legal actions for money recovery.

Please inform us about your case, by the use of this contact form.



C&C Trading LLC
C&O Fund Distributor, Inc.
C&P Mutual
Cadden International Ltd. (www.caddenintl.com)
Cadman Mergers and Acquisition (www.cadmanmergersandacquisition.com)
Cadogan United Securities
Cadwell Capital Partners
Cahill & Audleman
CAL Investments Ltd (clone)
Calastone Private Bank
Calderton Capital Partners
Caledonia Investment Company Limited
Caledonian Equity Group
Calvin & Sanderson Associates (www.calvinandsanderson.com)
Cambridge Capital Trading
Cambridge Consulting
Cambridge Equity Corporation (www.cambridgeequitycorp.com)
Cambridge Financial Partners LLC, www.cfinpartners.com
Cambridge Global Inc
Cambridge Global Limited
Camelot Advisors
Camelot Advisors Immobilien
Cameron McDonald & Co
Cameron Poe & Associates (www.cameronpoe.com)
Cameron Poe & Associates Inc.
Campbell & Browne Associates / Campbell Brown
Campbell & Stewart Advisory Firm (www.campbellstewartadvisory.com)
Campbell Cummings Associates
Campbell Investments Limited
Campbell Martin Limited t/a Imagine Mortgages
Campbell Massey Asset Management
Campbell Merger Solutions (www.campbellmerger.com)
Campton Capital Partners
Campus Investments PLC
Canada Pacific Consulting Inc.
Canary Trust Security
Canary Wharf Group
Cannon Corporate Consultants
Cannon Solutions Limited
Cantata Equity Management
Cantata Equity Management, LLC (www.cantataem.com)
Cantor Fitzgerald Bank (clone)
Cantor Index / Cantor UK (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
Cantwell International
Canyon International HK
Cap Governance LLP
Capgemini Law Mergers & Acquisitions
Capgemini US- www.capgeminilaw.com
Capita Consult / Capita Group (clone)
Capita Registrars Group (Cloning FCA Authorised Firm)
Capital Access Limited
Capital Acquisition Group Inc.
Capital Advisory Partners (capnyc.net)
Capital Advisory Partners New York
Capital Asset Management
Capital Assets Limited
Capital Assets UK (Asset Management)
Capital Bank
Capital Bridging Finance No.1 Limited: clone firm
Capital Com Investment Ltd, One Thousand One Ltd, FSM Smart Limited
Capital Concept Investment
Capital Consultants
Capital Currency Trade
Capital Deposit Limited (clone)
Capital Edge Group (www.capitaledgegroup.net)
Capital Express Bank
Capital Finance
Capital Finance (Channel Islands) Limited
Capital Finance Group Limited (clone)
Capital Finance Group S.à.r.l.
Capital Finance Limited
Capital Force Ltd (Option888)
Capital Gain Investments
Capital Hall/Capital Tech Ltd
Capital Intel Group (www.capitalintelgroup.com)
Capital Invest Solutions
Capital Invest Trading (CIT) (www.citrading.net)
Capital Investment Corporation
Capital Investment Group – www.ciginternational.co.uk
Capital Investors Asset Management A.G.
Capital Investors S.A.
Capital Management and Investments Ltd
Capital Management Foundation of North America (CMF)
Capital Management Schotts, S.L.
Capital Markets (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
Capital Markets Advisory
Capital Markets Banc
Capital Markets trading as MarketCT (clone)
Capital NCL (Clone)
Capital Offshore Group (CO Group)
Capital One Management Inc
Capital Partner Group (clone)
Capital Partners
Capital Plus Group
Capital Resource Development Company
Capital Securities International
Capital Shipping
Capital Standard Corporation
Capital Swiss FX
Capital Swiss Partners
Capital Tech Ltd
Capital Transfer Consolidated
Capital Trust Ventures
Capital Value Brokers
Capital Venture
Capital Venture Group (CVG)
Capital Wealth Fund (capitalwealthfund.com)
Capital Wealth Management (www.capital-wm.co.uk)
Capitalinform Limited SA
Capitalium Consult SCRL
Capitalium Europe SA
Capitol Acquisition Management Inc. (www.capitolami.com / www.capami.com)
Capitol Hill Group
Capricorn Finance
Capstone Capital Group
Capstone Capital Markets, www.ccmarkets.net
Capstone Financial Group UK
Capstone Financial Group UK (www.capstonefinancialuk.com)
Capzone Invest Ltd. t/a HQ Broker
Car Hire & Cheap Car Insurance for 17+
Car Insurance 4 u (Clone)
Car Insurance Warehouse – also known as Astuto Associates and Astuto Insurance
Carbon Advisory Council (www.carbonadvisorycouncil.com)
Carbon Credit Active Limited (www.carboncreditactive.com / www.carboncreditactive.co.uk)
Carbon Credit Emissions Limited
Carbon Credit International (www.carboncreditint.com)
Carbon Credit Offsetting (http://www.cco-online.com)
Carbon Credit Solutions
Carbon Credit Specialists LLC (www.carboncreditspecialists.com)
Carbon Green Solutions
Carbon Soulutions
Carbon Wealth Advisors
Carbonvest Limited
Cardiff Securities International
Care For Finance / Care 4 Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Carghill Wright and Associates
Carina Asset Management / Sloane Court Capital / SS & Co Consultancy Limited
Carlease Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Carlisle Capital Group
Carls Bank
Carlson & Clarke Management Group
Carlson Group Consultancy (www.carlsonconsultancy.com)
Carlton Birtal Advisory Services, S.L.
Carlton Birtal Financial Advisory., S.L. Barcelona
Carlton Capital Inc (www.carltoncapitalinc.com)
Carlton Capital Management Ltd
Carlton Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services
Carlton First Capital Group Ltd
Carlton Global Management
Carlton Hedges and Associates
Carlton Marsch Limited
Carlton Webber
Carmine Hoffman Law Firm LLP
Carna Capital (Clone)
Carnegie Advisors Ltd.
Carnegie Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firms)
Carrington Noble (www.carringtonnoble.com)
Carrington Rothschilds Capital
Carter & Campbell / Carter and Campbell
Carter Corporate Law
Carter Financial Services / Agencia Marketing Ltd
Carter James SL
Carter Litwin Inc.
Carter Sinclair
Cartwright & Blyth Associates
Cartwright & Keating
Cartwright Financial
Cartwright Investment Group (www.cartwrightinvestmentgroup.com)
Cartwright Law Specialist Boston
Carus Solutions Ltd
Carver Brooks & Associates
Carver Brooks & Associates Ltd
Cash Capital (Clone) / Cash Finance
Cash Financers
Cash Float: clone of FCA authorised firm
Cash Group AG
Cash In Your Pension
Cash Loans For You / Cashloans4ulimited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Cash Match
Cash My Pension (www.cashmypension.co.uk)
Cash Plus Xpress (clone)
Cash Rentier
Cashback Investment Bank, Gibraltar
Cashbery Limited/ Global Decentralised Community
Cashforpensions.com/ CP Pension Services
CashInMyPension.com /James Cockle /Capital Solutions
Caspian Investments Limited
Castle Finance Direct (clone)
Castle Rock Corporate Finance (www.castlerock-cf.com)
Castlemire Limited
Castlepeak and Sons, Ltd
Castlewood Corporate Partners
Catalyst CM Limited
Cater Allen Private Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Cathay Asset Management
Cathay DuPont
Cavendish & Finch
Cavendish Investor Wealth Management
Cayenne Trust Investment Plc (clone firm)
Cayo Flow Capital
CBC Legal Group / Christian, Bradford and Cohen Legal Group
CC Ltd
CD Equities
CD Equities Global Equities Partnership
CDC Securities Limited
CDH Insurance and Finance Consultants
CDN Law Firm
CDV Investments (www.cdvinvests.com)
Cedar Call (clone)
Cedar Rock Investments Plc
CEEM Central & Eastern European Markets Asset Management AG
Celestial Trading Ltd / Tradeinvest90
Celestial Trading Ltd / Tradovest
Center Capital Trading
Center Finance Management
Centex Resources – www.centexresources.com
Centillion General Holding Limited, CGFX (clone)
Centrade Management Corp
Central and Eastern European Markets Asset Management www.ceemam.com
Central Security Clearing System F.S.C.
Central Trust (Clone)
Centrum Inwestycyjno-Oddluzeniowe
Centurian Protection LLC
Centurio Capital AG
Centurion Capital International, Inc.
Century Commodities
Century Finance (clone)/Century Finance Services Limited (clone)/ Century Finance UK Limited
Century Funding
Century International Bullion Limited
Century Management Division, Inc
Century Trust and Finance, CFT
Certified Financial Consultants Inc
CES Futures Brokerage Co. Ltd.
CF Investment Funds (clone)
CF Marketing Group Ltd
CF Partners (clone)
CFD Capital Markets, SARL
CFD Corporate
CFD Royal (clone)
CFD-1000 Limited
CFM Trading
CFSE / Cargill Financial Services Europe / FXCFSE (clone)
CFX Markets
Cfx Point Ltd
Chabert Asset Management
Chadwick & Co.
Chadwick Seymour & Associates
Chamberlain and Co.
Chamberlin Management Inc
Chapman Butler LLC
Chapman Fisher a/k/a Chapman Fischer (www.chapmanfischer.com)
Chapman Foster Group SL
Chapman Mediation Group, Inc.
Charinton Group GmbH, The
Charles Drake Associates
Charles Fleming Co. Ltd
Charles Hirsch Capital Management, Inc.
Charles Pearson Investments International (www.cpearsoninvi.com)
Charles Ross Associates
Charles Ross Associates
Charles Schwab (cloned firm)
Charles Schwartz International (www.charlesschartzinternational.com)
Charles Stanley Associates
Charles Wurth Associates
Charlton Fitzgerald (clone)
Charlton Hayfield & Co
Charlton Hayfield and Company
Charming Money Limited t/a Debt Vanish and Debt Rid
Chartered Investments
Chartered Union Bank of Switzerland
Charterhouse International Inc./ Kensington Price Consulting
Charterhouse Trust Credit Union ekonomisk förening
Chartis Mutual Group
Chartmore International
Chartwell Financial Services
Chase Capital Inc
Chase Global Securities
Chateau Schreiber Financial Management & Trust SA
Chatex Ltd
Chattered Alliance Bank
CheapCarInsurance Brokers (Clone of FSA registered firm)
Cheer Fortune International Investment Management Company Limited
Chelsea Asset Management (www.chelseaassetmgmt.com)
Chelsea Financial (clone)
Chelsea Management Group Inc
Chelsy Fund, S.A.
Chemmi Holdings t/a Max CFD
Chengdu Wang Hong Information Consultation Company Limited
Cheoy Lee Asset Management Asia
Chester Credit Union (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chesterfield Credit and Trust
Chesterfield Credit Union
Chesterfield Financial Associates
Chesterfield International Partners
Chesterfield Ltd
Chesterfield Ltd (www.chesterfield-ltd.com)
Chesterfield Partners
Cheval Bridging Finance Ltd Markets (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Chevron Private Investment Limited
Chiba & Associates
Chicago Accounting
Chicago Board of Acquisitions Inc.
Chicago Law Group
Chilton reese & Associates
Chimera Management, www.chimera-management.com
China Beijing Mergers & Acquisitions Corporation
China Construction Bank (clone)
China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) (clone)
China International Futures
China Mercantile Exchange
China Mergers Group (www.prcholdingsgroup.com)
China Mineral Company Limited
China Pacific Capital
Chinatsu and Partners
CHJ Management (Insurance Company) – clone of FCA authorised firm
ChosunFund Limited
Chris Dawson (clone of FCA Approved Person)
Chris Ellis-Keeler (Clone of FSA approved individual)
Christopher Corbett-Evans
Christopher Gregory Williams
Christopher Scholz (clone of authorised firm)
Churchill Advisory- www.churchilladvisory.com
Churchill Brewin Associates
Churchill Capital
Churchill Capital also trading as Churchill International (www.churchillinternational.co.cc)
Churchill Capital Limited
Churchill Capital USA Incorporated
Churchill International Group
Churchill Investments Plc
Churchill Management
Churchill Marketing Advisory Services
Churchill Strauss
Ciar Investment Corp.
CIBC Bancorp Ltd
CIC Insurance Company AVV
CIC Insurance Company SA
Cinven (clone of FCA authorised firm)
CISA Management, S.L.
CISA SL Corporate Investment Services
Citadel Group International
Citatel Consultancy Ltd
Citi Capital Partnership (www.citicapitalpartnership.com)
Citi Express Finance and Securities
Citi Securities Ltd
Citi Security Finance
Citicap Equity Consultants S.L
CitiFund Asset Management Inc
CitiWealth Asset Management
Citizens Equity Limited
City Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
City Bank Online
City Capital MA
City Credit Online
City Fidelity Trust Bank
City Fidelity Trust Bank Private Clients Int’l.
City Financial & Security
City Financial & Security Services B.V.
City Global Trading
City Index
City Investment Bank
City One Marketing Solutions t/a Belmont Venture Capital
City Trust Bank
Citywide Associates (www.citywideassociates.com)
CJR Investments
CK Investments
CL Investing
CL Investing Asset Management Company
CL Investing Ltd
Claims and Compensation Management Limited (clone)
Clarington Group (The)
Clarion Global Group
Clarity Capital Markets (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Clarity Market Resources
Clarksdale Corporate Partners
Clarkson Black Associates
Clarkson Gordon Ltd
Clarus Capital Group Management
Classic Brand Europe (Clone)
Claybourne Group (www.claybournegroup.com)
Claymore Capital (www.claymorecapital.com)
Clayton & Fisher Advisors
Clayton & Phelps (www.claytonandphelps.com)
Clayton Capital Ventures, Inc.
Clayton Pressman Ivy International (www.cpi-i.com)
Clayton Wealth Advisory / Clayton Worth Advisory / Clayton Wells
Clean Coal Technologies
Clean Planet Investments
Clear Gains Limited
Clear Loans (clone)
Clearfin & Custody Corporation Limited
Clearwater Commodities
Clearwater Commodities Futures and Commodities Trading Brokerage
Clever Loans (clone)
Clewis Financial
Click Search Media t/a Debt Friendly (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Clifton Financial Services
Clinton King
Clinton Parker Inc.
Close Capital Investments (www.close-capital.com)
Close On, S.L.
CLS Consultancy
CLT Solutions
Club de Inversión de Alto Rendimiento (CIAR)
Clyde Group PLC
CM-CIC Asset Management (clone of FCA registered firm)
CMI Asset Management (clone)
CMI Trading Group
CMP Global Consulting Ltd.
CMS Trader
CMS Trader / Pandorx Ventures Limited
CNB Acquisitions Inc
CO2-Tech Ltd.
Coates, Zante and Partners SL
Cobalt Capital Inc
Cobalt Finance Group- www.cobaltfinancegroup.com
Cobber Finance
Cohen & Partners
Cohen Dressner
Cohen Edwards Asset Management
Cohen Green Advisory
Cohen Hayward International
Coin Boost Inc.
Coinmining24 Ltd.
Coinoptions Trade
Coinroom sp. z o.o.
Colbert & Welling
Colby Mergers
Coleman and Partners
Coleman Brothers
Coleman Kleinfield & Associates
Coleman, Peterson & Associates (CPA)
Coleman-Welch Consulting Group LLC
Collett Quinlan M&A
Collingbourne Group
Collins & Bone Partnership
Collins and Bell
Collins Capital Management
Collins Capital Management
Collins Tate & Murchison
Collway Investments and Funds (www.collway.co.uk)
Colonial Square Acquisition LLC, www.csaacquisition.com
Colonial Trust Transfer Agency LLC
Colony Capital Associates
Columbia Direct Corp (www.columbiadirectcorp.com)
Columbus Advisory
Commerce Investments Group
Commercial Bankers Trust K/S
Commercial First Group
Commercial First Trading Corporation
Commission Fédérale des Marchés Financiers (CFMF)
Commission on Financial and Securities Compliance
Committee of Regulation and Liquidation on Private Ventures
Commodities Futures Trading Commission (klon)
Commodity & Futures Consulting, S.L.
Commodore Asset
Commonwealth Alliance Corporation
Commonwealth Regulatory Board
Community Trust Bank Group
Comolli Mortgage & Investment Firm
Compact Insurance Services Ltd (www.compactinsurance.co.uk)
Companhia Internacional Forex Club e/ou Forex Club International Business Company
Companies Investment Holdings Ltd
Companies West
Compass Financial Management (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Compass Trading Group Limited
Compass-Asset Management
Compendium Value Limited
Complete Commodity Trading
Complete Options Trading
Concept Fund Solutions PLC (clone)
Concepts Financial Consultants SA
Concepts Solutions SA
Concordant Group Ltd
Concorde Pacific Management Inc
Condor Research
Connelly Peterson Ltd.
Connors Thompson Reed (Clone of previously FSA registered firm)
Conquest Mergers
Consero Capital Investments Limited (clone)
Conservo Digital Ltd trading as Sat Assist
Consolidated Credit Bank Limited
Consolidated Credit Bank Ltd. (Clone of FSA authorised firm) (www.consolidatedcrdtb.com)
Consolidated Securities Inc
Consolidation Resource Management Inc.
Constant Financial Services (Overseas) Ltd
Consultores Sicra, S.L.
Consultrading Solutions Group
Consuting Strategy Finance, S.L.
Continental Administrative Services
Continental Bancorp
Continental Capital Markets Ltd (clone)
Continental Offshore finance Ltd
Continental Partners Trust Limited (a.k.a Continental Trust Consultancy)
Continental Trade
Continental Trust Bank (www.uk.continentaltrustbk.com)
Cook Capital Partners
CoolPass Inc
Cooper & Finley (www.cooperfinley.com)
Cooper & Sloane Associates / Cooper and Sloane
Cooper and Daniels Company- www.cooperdaniels.com
Cooper and York
Cooper Company Management (www.coopercompanymanagement.com)
Cooper Consultancy Ltd
Cooper Green
Cooper Newton Management Group / Cooper-Newton Management Group
Coopérativ d’épargne et de Crédit des Commercant EF
Cooperative Fair Investment
Coopers & Lybrand Law
Coperstone Ltd.
Copper and Partners
Cordell Groves
Coreen Bradford Insurance
Coreserv Financial Services
Corestone Distributors (Clone of a FINRA-registered broker-dealer)
Cornerstone Partners
Cornerstone Worldwide
Cornhill Management SL
Cornhill Management, S.L.
Cornish, Willoughby and Associates
Corporate Financial Trading Solutions and Investments (London) Limited t/a CFS
Corporate Mergers & Acquisition Group
Corporate One Asset Management (www.corporateoneassetmgmt.com)
Corporation de Capital Swap inc.
Corpserv (clone)
Corum Financial Group
Costello & Rubin LLP
Cotswold Funeral Service
Courington Law
Courtney Brown Group (www.thecourtneybrowngroup.com)
Coutts Investment Group
Couture Consulting Group Ltd also trading as B Cooke Ltd (www.bcookeltd.co.uk, www.coutureconsultinggroup.com)
Covast Limited
Cover Driver trading as Coverdriver.co.uk
CP Hodgson Limited / CLL Trading (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
CP Pension Services/ Cashforpensions.com
CPI International (www.cpiint.com)
CPT Trading Technologies Limited
Cradle Heights
Cramer Private Group
‎Crandale Group
Crane and Sterling
Crawford & Knight (www.crawfordknight.com)
Crawford Capital Partners (www.crawfordcapitalpartners.com)
Crawford Clarke M&A
Crawford Stanley Advisors LLC
Crazy Diamond
Credi Corp Securities
Credilan Benelux
Credit Extra Cash/ CreditExtraCash (clone of authorised firm)
Credit Finance
Credit for you Limited
Credit General Group
Credit Investigation Department
Credit My Funds / CreditMyFunds (clone)
Credit Poor (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Credit Suisse (UK) Limited (Clone of FSA authorised firm)
Credit Suisse Financial
Credit Vergadain
Creditstar UK Limited (clone)
Crest Asset Management
Crest International Investment Inc
Creston & Childs
Creston Financial Group GmbH
Crestwell Analysis
Crestwell Resources Limited
CRH Management
CRH Management Group
Crickmore & Lutz
Cristian Pauna
Cristos Investments SA
Cristos Investments SA (www.cristosinvestments.com)
Cromwell & Pierce International
Cromwell and Goodwin (www.cromwellgoodwin.com)
Crosby Capital Partners
Cross Ocean Adviser (clone of authorised firm)
Crossley Acquisitions (www.crossleyacquisitions.com)
Crowdbridge Global N.V.
Crown Alpha Limited
Crown Bank (www.crownbankonline.co.uk)
Crown Capital Partners Limited
Crown Cave Finance and Credit Union
Crown Corporate Consultants
Crown Fidelity
Crown Global Assets Ltd.
Crown Group Funds UCITS Plc (clone)
Crown ING Group
Crown Lancaster Equities
Crown Mergers & Acquisitions Inc
Crown Point Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
Crown Wealth International
Crown Will Escrow and Clearing
Crown-Euro Trust Investment Bank
CrownWell International Holdings Limited
Crowstone Capital
Cruzinvest.uk / Publicprivatebank.com
Cryp Trade Capital
Cryp Trade Capital Holdings SL
Cryp Trade Capital Ltd.
Crypto Brain (clone)
Crypto Capitals
Crypto Exchange Pro
Crypto Hedge F
Crypto Islamic Bank
Crypto Life Fund
Crypto Options Trader
Cryptocurrency trading platforms
cryptohedgetrading.com (“Crypto Hedge Trading”)
Crystal Century Investment
Crystalix London Ltd
CSBank S.P. / CSBank.ch
CSC Asia Pacific Limited
CT Carbon Ltd
CT Lambson and Associates
CTA Bank
CTI Group Advisors
Cube Insurance Limited/ Cube Ins Limited
Cullen Price Group
Cunningham Hyatt Mergers & Acquisitions, LLP
Cunningham, Austin, Wheeler & Associates
Curtis ISA
Curzon Peters
Cushman Corporation
Custodian Life Ltd
CV Global Corp LLC
CVC Groups Private Capital and CVC Ltd
CWA Options
Cybertrust S.A.
Cyrrus Capital
Cyrrus Capital Ventures
Cyrus Rushwood & Associates