Romance Scammers Target Over 40 Years Old


Romance Scammers Target Over 40 Years Old.

If you plan to meet in person an online friend be aware that some people have been reported missing, injured or deceased. ISOG private investigators have investigated scammers located in Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and UK. So if you plan to start a new romance, check your new friend first.

Individuals who are in search for companionship or romance online are vulnerable to romance scams. You may know couples who met online and are happily married. However, the online contact might be a criminal individual or even group who in a well organized way searches chat rooms, social networking websites and dating websites for the next victim. The preferred victim is over 40 years old, divorced, disabled, elderly or widowed.

Romance scammers, after gaining your trust, start using stories of tragedies, deaths of parents and other circumstances to involve their victims in their schemes and thus start asking for money. Be aware that these are always lies intended to take money from victims.

In some cases, scammers ask victims to receive funds in the form of wire transfer or money order and then redirect such funds to them or someone else. Be aware that in most of the cases you will face prosecution for money laundering.

There are cases in which romance scammers convice the victims to establish a dialog over Skype. Soon after they ask to have virtual sex on skype and they videotape embarassing sexual activities of the victim. The next step is to threat to divulge the video on the Internet and send it to all the facebook friends of the victim unless he/she is willing to pay a certain amount of money. Of course the extortion does not stop after the first payment and goes on until they are stopped by the authorities. ISOG private investigators and private detectives know how to deal with these situations and they can identify and locate the internet friend.

Be aware that romance scammers target over 40 years old.