Panama Divorce Strategy For Patrimony Protection


Panama Divorce Strategy For Patrimony Protection.

It is a shame to see the end of love in marriage, but when it is no longer possible to fix a sentimental situation, the healthier solution for a couple is to turn to divorce. The reasons why such measure is reached are diverse: from infidelity itself, domestic violence, passing through the abandonment of the family by one of the parents and drug and alcohol problems, to proposals from one of the spouses to prostitute its partner or their own children.

The truth is that at the moment of accepting this process, the best strategy to consolidate a good divorce is counting on the experience and professionalism of a good lawyer, who can help you with your Panama divorce strategy for patrimony protection. Unless it is a very critical situation, where one of the spouses feels violated or threatened by violent attacks towards itself or its children, the lawyers always recommend to act calmly at the moment of making the decision. The main reason is that precisely, in such an extreme situation as the one previously mentioned, patience may put every component of the marriage (including the custody of the children) in favor of the person establishing the divorce request and demonstrating with justifiable evidence the physical and verbal aggressions.

Unfortunately, the current civil codes of marriage in most countries around the world, are focused on the fact that the assets and the money of the couple should be unified, so that in the case of death of any of them, the rights on the properties are passed to the other. This is why, it is very valuable to count on the counseling of a good lawyer in charge of ensuring that the dispute will benefit both parties after cancelling those rights, or in the best of cases, that each of them will receive what corresponds considering other aspects that lawyers can study more deeply. The same thing happens with the matter regarding the custody of the children that in many cases, when it comes to a mutual agreement divorce, a good litigant is able to establish the norms so that one of them never gets the right of having contact with its descendants, arguing diverse reasons for that.

When the divorce is performed under mutual agreement, the process is much faster and the division of the patrimony is simpler to perform as well as the matters regarding the custody of the children. However, in many occasions one of the persons is adverse to fulfill the agreement which is why the situation gets too complicated and the help of specialists in divorce and protection of the patrimony is paramount. ISOG lawers and attorneys at law, expert in Panama divorce strategy for patrimony protection, suggest a solution already adopted by many people. The unilateral divorce, as well as it can be performed in Haiti, is a good strategy for many people around the world. To do it, you only need:

  • A page with the clear information about the requested procedure
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport
  • In the case of having children under age, the birth certificate must be included

All the documents must be footnoted, meaning that they must be certified so they become valid internationally according to the foundations of the Hague Convention of October 5th 1961. Once you have those documents, they must be translated and sent to Haiti and you must appear in person the day determined by the court. This way, although the presence of the other spouse may be needed, this becomes a legal process, which allows the person under this legal diligence to continue with its life, being allowed from that moment to get married when desired without being charged for bigamy.

The unilateral divorce in Haiti, is a process valid in the whole world. And to have it performed the best thing to do is to get counseling with a good ISOG lawyer or attorney at law. Since many cases have showed up where people send their documents and pay for the process to certain lawyers in Haiti who do not complete their task making these people victims of an authentic fraud, the professional ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law  get in charge of carrying out this process with total transparency and honesty, being able that way to properly carry out with the client’s request.

If you are in the middle of a divorce process and you wish to take the situation towards a good outcome, both to protect your patrimony and to dissolve any legal connection with your partner, contact ISOG for consultation on this matter.

ISOG Lawyers are expert in Panama divorce strategy for patrimony protection.