Brand Product Counterfeiting Investigations


Brand Product Counterfeiting Investigations.

The marketing world has always been a subject of a competition network where the product’s originality becomes the most powerful flag and banner to captivate the customer. But, in this same competition, sometimes it happens that there are companies which in order to achieve more profitable revenues more easily, invoke the strategy of plagiarism, this way achieving the creation of a product of identical conditions and so viciously masked up that many times the person who purchases it does not even realize the mistake of its purchase and believes that has an authentic piece of the prominent company who patents the product in its hands. There are many cases around the world of those who commit such felony. Brands of shoes and T-shirts, TV sets and cell phones have suffered the embarrassment of having there patents being exploited by a different type of businessmen: which is why technology producer companies, such as Sony or Samsung, have had competitors who sell similar products by just changing a letter to confuse the customer, transforming them into Suny or Samzung.

The problems of copyrights and patents of products is not only limited to the copy of a logo of a company or an authentic technological product, but also reaches the composition of a song or the contents of a literary work, it is all that looks like an authentic copy or which impact may represent an economical or moral damage to the original creator. Of course, this matter has much more value when we speak of a person or business entity (if an association dedicated to commit fraud can be defined as business) is obtaining profits that can be even higher than the ones obtained by the original company, since the latter can stipulate higher prices by having total rights on the patent, while the counterfeiter takes advantage of the high value of such figures and decides to sell in a lower price reaching a more accessible audience that takes the difference between the original product and the fake one for granted.

When a very well established company patent a product, it is generating at the same time its own scheme of work that must be respected by its competitors. It is because of this that some years ago the multinational company Apple sued Samsung company for using the same system of its patent in the generation of smartphones. This way, the complainant pleaded with fair reasons that Samsung was using Apple’s resources to create mobile devices without paying the correspondent price for taking advantage of the technology and research that the very famous company of the bitten apple had created. Apple won this case and the company had to pay a total of a billion dollars for such daring, although curiously Samsung had the courage of paying such figure in nickels (5-cent coins), which for many people represented another offense and a mockery towards the complainant.

So, if you are victim of brand product counterfeiting like this, where your company or personal production is being a victim of plagiarism, you have all the rights to start brand product counterfeiting investigations to reclaim the authenticity of your creation. ISOG lawyers, attorneys at law, private investigators, private detectives and forensic experts are expert in brand product counterfeiting investigations. If you rely on their support, they will be able to defend your brand and your product having it respected as it deserves. At first, these professionals of the rights and laws can negotiate in a non-official way with the entity that plagiarized you, so an agreement can be reached where the best beneficiary is the one committing the crime. The second strategy that ISOG uses is performing an administrative management where it is made clear how the patent of the product is in a privileged position regarding counterfeit, that way forcing the counterfeiter to acknowledge its fault. But, in the case that none of these options are making the criminal accept its non-ethical and non-professional behavior, then these experienced ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law have all the power to begin a very keen legal procedure where the worst consequences can be the total collapse of a company, taking it to its total bankruptcy as the most severe punishment for the usurpation of the brand and the contents of the product. This, because in order to pay the compensation to the company that is making the claim as sentenced by the judge: the figures can sometimes be even more astronomic than the profits produced by such entity during the time they were exploiting the brand. In some countries this sentence can be so heavy that the people must be remitted directly to jail without the possibility of having legal benefits as it is serving the sentence under the home detention option.

ISOG lawyers and private investigators are expert in brand product counterfeiting investigations.