How to Avoid Financial Investment Scams Worldwide


How to Avoid Financial Investment Scams Worldwide.

The Madoff financial investment scam was a major case of stock and securities fraud discovered in late 2008. Billions of dollars were defrauded to rich people by a man whom they all knew but not that well.

Financial investment scams on the Internet started after the financial crisis following the Twin Towers attack in 2001. Ghost financial brokers started offering stock, foreign exchange and securities to people from all over the world, who led by the greed wanted to become rich fast without working hard.

Financial investment scams are designed to look like genuine investments. You can take the following steps to avoid them.

1. Reject cold calls If you’ve been cold called about an investment opportunity, chances are it’s a high risk investment or a scam. You should treat the call with extreme caution. The safest thing to do is to hang up. There are ways that callers can pretend they aren’t cold calling you. They may refer to a brochure or an email that they have sent you. That’s why it’s important you know the other tell-tale signs that suggest the investment opportunity is very likely to be high risk or a scam.

2. Check ISOG Fraud Warnings and Alerts List If you have been unexpectedly contacted about an investment opportunity you can use ISOG Fraud Warnings and Alerts List to check the firm soliciting your investment. ISOG Warning List is a collection of warnings and alerts from the most important Financial Authorities in the world. Generally speaking, the firm must be authorized by the Financial Authority of your country. If the firm cannot produce such authorization, chances are it is a scam.

3. Get ISOG Advice If you have been unexpectedly approached about an investment opportunity that you are interested in pursuing, you should first seek advice from ISOG private detectives and private investigators who know how to avoid financial investment scams and therefore can pre-check the firm for you. 4. Get ISOG Help In case you are already a fraud victim, you can approach ISOG to get investigative and legal services in order to recover your money.

ISOG private investigators know how to avoid financial investment scams.