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Liberia Offshore Anonymous Company Formation

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Liberia Offshore Anonymous Company Formation. ISOG Liberia Lawyer and Liberia Attorney at Law Can Help You With Liberia Offshore Anonymous Company Incorporation. 


A Liberia offshore anonymous company incorporation and Liberia offshore anonymous company formation require the fulfillment of a series of requirements that are important to process the application. Let’s see each one of them:

Articles of incorporation: Liberian companies, LLC’s, partnerships, and not for profit businesses are easily formed. Formation will be completed no later than the day following the request for formation. The use of standard articles of incorporation, certificates of formation and other organizational documents facilitate the formation process so that a company may be formed in only one day.

Name of the Liberia offshore anonymous company: Your company name may be in any language provided Roman characters are used. When naming a corporation, any standard corporate suffix is acceptable (Inc., Ltd., Corp…). Your chosen company name must be unique in Liberia therefore we can check the availability of your company name quickly and free of charge. You can also include two alternative names in your application in the event the first selection is not available. We can reserve your company name in advance of formation for up to 120 days.

Number of directors: Liberian companies must specify the initial number of directors which can be as low as one initial director.

Number of shareholders: Liberian companies must specify one or more members at time of formation. After formation, a person acquiring a LLC interest is admitted as a Member at the time provided in and upon compliance with the LLC Agreement or, if the LLC Agreement does not so provide, upon the consent of all Members and when the Person’s admission is reflected in the records of the LLC.

Share structure of the company: Liberian companies can be incorporated with registered shares only. Shares may be of par or no par value. Par value shares may be denominated in any currency. A standard formation is 500 registered shares without par value or USD 50,000 of par value stock. If the capital structure is more than 500 Shares without par value, or has a total value of more than USD 50,000.00, the formation cost will increase due to capitalization tax.

Operating agreement: Upon instruction, nominees can adopt a standard operating agreement for a new company. Unlike the Certificate of Formation, the operating agreement is usually maintained internally but may be publicly filed if requested.

This information is necessary during a Liberia offshore anonymous company formation process.

ISOG Liberia lawyer and Liberia attorney at law can help you  with Liberia offshore anonymous company incorporation.


Many foreigners, once they have created their anonymous company, they request us, in order to keep a complete anonymity in the use of their companies, that we make that board of directors issue a special or general power of attorney.

This power can be as general as to cover any economic activity, to be able to open bank bills, and up to buy and sell real estate assets or any other property. This power of attorney can also be granted to any other person designated by you, such as your personal manager, your wife or heirs.


Liberia non-resident companies are not taxed on income coming from outside Liberia. You need to ensure Liberian residents do not have a significant beneficial interest in your company in order to preserve non-resident status.


  • Bearer shares not permitted
  • Nonresident Liberian entities are not liable for Liberian tax
  • Beneficial ownership does not have to be disclosed to the authorities
  • There is no requirement for a Liberian company to file the names of directors or shareholders
  • No obligation requiring Liberian participation in the management of your company
  • There is no requirement to file accounts for any type of Liberian company

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