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Panama Immigration Recidency Nationality

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Panama Immigration Recidency Nationality With the Help of ISOG Lawyer and Attorney at Law.

Panama is a State that favors foreign immigration, either temporarily or permanently, for investment purposes, retirement, and studies among others. That way, foreign capital income and foreign investment are promoted, which benefits the economical and social growth of Panama.

Why you may want to relocate and get a need for ISOG services related to Panama immigration recidency nationality. The benefits of obtaining the residence in the Republic of Panama are multiple:

Panama is a tropical country considered as a safe place where you can live in peace, without military force, and without political and civil disorders. It is the Latin-American country with the lowest criminal rate.

The infrastructural system of the country is very advanced. Panama is a world-class financial and banking center; it owns a very sophisticated medical assistance system, with first-class public and private hospitals; the transportation system is well developed, with international and national airports, commercial and touristic international ports, roads to reach the inner part of the country, metropolitan in the city of Panama; and a hotels system with the presence of all of the most important international hotel chains.

Panama is a country that has a continuous economical growth and offers opportunities to the citizens of the countries that are mostly having economical problems, such as the European countries.

The cost of living is lower than in many other countries, so it makes it the ideal place for retirement. However, Panamanian laws offer protection to the pensioners and foresee for them to have privileges in terms of discounts in their purchases of medicines, food, airplane tickets, cultural activities, among others.

Panama is a more friendly country in taxing, where the foreign income, capital revenues and the income for banking interests received are not taxed and do not need to be declared.

In Panama frivolous claims are not acknowledge by the courts and that way you can protect your assets through a corporate structure without any risks of “corporate veil lifting”.

You can opt for the Panamanian nationality, with the right of passport, after having lived for a period of 5 years, or 3 years if your spouse is Panamanian or you have Panamanian children, in addition of having all the requirements by law regarding the financial resources to sustain yourself.

In this country, you can perform any economical commercial operations without strong restrictions, regulations or taxation that may make the company’s growth difficult.

In Panama foreigners can purchase lots and housing without any kind of restriction. The real estate market is very interesting and offers a very high rate of return of the investment: around 9% in the rent of housing and 50-100% in the property purchase.

ISOG lawyers and attorneys at law can provide you with all the necessary services related to Panama immigration recidency nationality, including acquiring obtaining a resident visa and  acquiringthe Panamanian nationality.

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